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How to Create A Coupon For LearnDash

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Creating a coupon with the Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash plugin is reasonably straightforward. It should be noted that currently coupons can be redeemed against any course. In a future version of the plugin, we will provide a restriction on a course-by-course basis.

Step 1: Creating a Coupon #

Go to your wp-admin > LearnDash LMS > Coupons.

Click “Add New Coupon

The following options must be configured.

  1. The Coupon Title — This is the title that the user will enter to redeem the coupon and is case sensitive.
  2. Coupon Value — The value of the coupon (integer), such as “50”.
  3. Coupon Type — Flat or percentage off. For example $50 off or 50% off.
  4. Coupon Limit — The number of times the coupon can be redeemed. A limit must be set for the coupon to be accepted.

You can also add an excerpt (optional) for when the coupon is applied. For example, “Full Access for Free”.

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