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How to Create A Coupon For LearnDash

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Creating a coupon with the Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash plugin is reasonably straightforward. It should be noted that currently coupons can be redeemed against any course. In a future version of the plugin, we will provide a restriction on a course-by-course basis.

Step 1: Creating a Coupon #

Go to your wp-admin > LearnDash LMS > Coupons.

Click “Add New Coupon

The following options must be configured.

  1. The Coupon Title — This is the title that the user will enter to redeem the coupon and is case sensitive.
  2. Coupon Value — The value of the coupon (integer), such as “50”.
  3. Coupon Type — Flat or percentage off. For example $50 off or 50% off.
  4. Coupon Limit — The number of times the coupon can be redeemed. A limit must be set for the coupon to be accepted.

You can also add an excerpt (optional) for when the coupon is applied. For example, “Full Access for Free”.

2 thoughts on “How to Create A Coupon For LearnDash”

  1. I have a learndash but its Learndash Pro Panel, or Learndash I cant see a Coupon section after Assignments. Is there a plugin I can download to activate coupons? Thank you.

    1. Hello Arlene,

      Our Coupons for LearnDash plugin is not compatible with versions of LearnDash past 3.6. We have been working to fix our plugin’s compatibility and hope to release a new version of the plugin soon.

      Thank you

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