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How to Create Unique User Content for LearnDash

How to Create Unique User Content for LearnDash

Creating content with the Unique User Content for LearnDash plugin is just like creating content in any other area of your WordPress site.

Once installed, navigate to LearnDash LMS > Unique User Content.

Click on “Add New Unique User Content” and you’ll see it looks just like the standard WordPress editor:

Note: You must build the content in either the Block Editor (a.k.a Gutenberg) or the Classic Editor. While page builder plugins may work they are not officially supported at this time. 

Simply add a title and start using the Gutenberg editor as you would in other areas.

Once you’ve added your content scroll down and you’ll find the association meta boxes which are:

  • Associated Courses
  • Associated Groups
  • Associated Users

If you happen to have a lot of content, you can click in the association box and start typing to search through your courses/groups/users!

Remember that most blocks in Gutenberg will work with the content like buttons etc. Some custom blocks may not work depending on how they are parsed. 

If you encounter any issues with blocks not rendering as expected please contact us. 

Finally, the preview functionality will work but remember that the size is not representative of how it will display on the actual course.

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