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Memberships, WordPress, and LearnDash

Memberships and Online Courses

The term “memberships” is tossed around a lot these days. What does that really mean in the context of an online course site? Additionally, do you even need a plugin to run your LearnDash courses? The short answer is no 🙂

In this webinar, we will be reviewing all the basics of membership sites and common features you might want to offer your learners. Secondly, we will review a couple of the most popular setup options for creating your own LearnDash platform, along with useful tips along the way.

Woman observing her memberships on her website

Benefits of Memberships with your LearnDash Course

  • Keeps your users involved
  • Reoccurring income (if you’re continuously selling)
  • Build a larger email list
  • Added value
  • Automation

What Will Be Covered

  • What is a “Membership” site 
  • Should you be levering thesep features with LearnDash?
  • Discussion about common options
  • Tips for better integration and signups 
  • Example use-cases

Honors WP Enrollment

While we are on the topic of the benefits of offering memberships with your LearnDash site, enrolling in an Honors WP membership has its own benefits to offer.

  • Add the missing pieces to your course content
  • “Getting Started” guides for products
  • Help your course(s) standout
  • Members drive development
  • Growing LearnDash & LMS community
  • Backed by a fantastic team

Walkthrough Video of Memberships, WordPress, and LearnDash

Below is a walkthrough demo:

Link to Slide Presentation

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