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Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash

Provide discount codes to your customers without using bulky eCommerce solutions. Our LearnDash discount plugin is a great method to increase course sales.

Please Note:

Our Coupons & Discounts plugin for LearnDash only works with LearnDash version 3.6 or earlier and is no longer for sale.

The Best Way to Give Coupons and Discounts
in LearnDash

Step up your LearnDash eCommerce game by offering special discounts and coupons to motivate current users as well as potential buyers.

Native LearnDash Coupons

Our LearnDash discount plugin is the perfect way to provide coupons and discounts without resorting to bulky eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce.

Flat Rate Or Percentage Off

Offer either flat rate coupons like “$50 off a course” or offer a percentage-based discount like “35% off any course”.

Limit the Usage of Coupons

Limit the number of times a coupon can be used perfectly for limited-time sales.

LearnDash Coupon Plugin Features

Key Features of Coupons for LearnDash:

  • Flat Rate Coupons
  • Percentage % off Coupons
  • Limit the Number of Coupon Uses
  • Apply Coupon by URL
  • Limit Coupon by Date Range
  • Integrates Seamlessly
  • Works with PayPal and Stripe
  • Easy Setup

LearnDash coupon plugin edit view from the admin area.

Coupons For LearnDash Plugin Highlights

Easily Add and Edit Coupons

Easily add and edit coupons in the WordPress admin area with a few simple steps.

  • Set up functional coupons in minutes
  • Integrates seamlessly with LearnDash LMS
  • Add hand-crafted summaries
  • Edit coupon value, type, and limit the number of coupons
  • Works with PayPal and Stripe
LearnDash discount plugin apply coupon view.

WordPress Front-End View

From the front-end, users are now able to click Apply Coupon and enter their code in the box shown. The LearnDash discount plugin allows interested buyers to apply special codes to purchase your courses. Sell more courses by offering exclusive discounts!

Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash settings.

Give Users the Ability to Apply Coupons to Courses

Looking to sell your LearnDash courses for a discount? Our Coupons & Discounts plugin gives customers the ability to easily add a code and receive a discount on your LearnDash course.

  • Restrict coupons per user and per course
  • Coupon types include percentage & flat fee
  • Offer coupons within a specifc date range
  • Increase sales through offering discounts

Coupons for LearnDash Plugin Screenshots

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