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Product Star Rating Shortcode

Additional Shortcodes for LearnDashProduct Star Rating Shortcode

[ea_wc_star_rating product_id="xxxxx"]

This shortcode displays the star rating of a WooCommerce product with a bunch of parameters:

  • product_id: Id of the product. Throws message of there is no product with that id.
  • link: True/false. Whether to show as a hyperlink to the product itself. Default true.
  • new_window: If there is a link, should it open in a new tab? Default true.
  • no_rating_text: Text to show of there is no rating. Default is “Be first to rate ___”.
  • show_rating_text: Whether to show the rating in a number or not. Default true.
  • show_stars: (true/false) whether to show rating in Woocommerce stars or not. Default true.
  • rating: To add a custom rating instead of the official product rating (a number between 0 and 5 e.g 2.5).
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