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Looking for help with maintenance & support for your LearnDash LMS site? We’ve got your back! Inquire today and never worry about your LearnDash website again.

LearnDash Maintenance Plans and Support

Our team is ready to handle all your LearnDash site’s support, hosting issues, updating, and maintenance needs.

What Does Every LearnDash Support Plan Include?

With our LearnDash experts, we help guide you through all aspects of maintenance and support, assisting with any questions you may have.

Managed Updates

When a new version of LearnDash is launched we’ll clone your site to a staging site and test it fully before pushing it to production.

24/7 Monitoring

Your LearnDash website is in safe hands. We constantly maintain your site so you can focus on your business.

Expert LearnDash Support

We’re LearnDash experts who offer best-in-class support. Get up-to-the-minute support. Need more?
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Honors Monthly Support & Maintenance Terms of Service.

Click here to see Honors’ Monthly Support & Maintenance Terms of Service.

Honors WP is a DBA of Easily Amused

Honors WP operates under the creative agency of Easily Amused, and though we may operate under two different titles, we are one cohesive and dedicated team.

Easily Amused Monthly Services

This service is set up to handle all your LearnDash website support, hosting issues, updating, and maintenance needs; along with an adviser-type role to help guide you along the way, assisting with any questions that may arise. 

Besides maintenance and support, you also gain access to the full power of the development team as needed. 

Real-time support (no downtime) and website edits/improvements are not included in this monthly plan. We can work hourly as needed. This plan contains, at a minimum, 2 scheduled maintenance services per month plus any security patches as needed. It also includes any scheduled edits or scheduled troubleshooting taking up to 30 minutes of time. Anything that shows up that is not covered under active development if there is still time remaining, and more. 

We provide a 24-hour ticket system access, project management software access, and support.

LearnDash Monthly Service Features

  • Onboarding
  • Access Licensed and Tested Premium WordPress Plugins w/ Support
  • Assigned Easily Amused Account Manager
  • Scheduled Monthly Call to Touch Base
  •  24-hour Support for LearnDash and Related Software Issues 
  • Project Management/Backlog Tracking
  • And More…

Managed Hosting Support

Hosting itself is not included however, all our features still apply. 

LearnDash Hosting Support Features

  • Fully Managed
  • Global CDN
  • Advanced Page Caching 
  • Security Monitoring and Prevention
  • Managed HTTPS
  • 99% uptime
  • Advanced Site Monitoring
  • On and off-site Automated Backups
  • Feature Branch Workflow
  • Development Servers
  • Staging & Testing Servers
  • Production Server

Monthly LearnDash Site Maintenance

Bi-weekly, we log into your LearnDash site to ensure everything is running correctly and is up to date. Security updates happen as soon as we can, once we are notified. No code changes should ever happen directly live on production. This is for security and best practices. Content changes are fine.

The top cause of malware and site hacking is due to out-of-date software, followed by weak passwords. Not updating your software exposes you to vulnerabilities found and exploited online on a daily basis. That is why we perform this particular task so frequently. On average, this takes about 2 hours a month, per site, per round of updates; with all our planning, testing, and development across our network, and testing again. An average month would contain 2 rounds of scheduled updates and a round of security patches, for a total of 3 per month.

All code changes and new features will always be fully tested in a staging environment before being pushed to production, where everything is fully tested again to ensure stability and security. 

Ongoing Maintenance & Security Tasks:

A tremendous benefit of working with Easily Amused is our hands-on maintenance and support. We will handle all the updates, backups, uptime monitoring, and security threats. Let the Easily Amused team worry about all the website maintenance so you can focus on your business. 

Daily Off-site Backups

A fresh snapshot is taken and kept securely off-site. In the event your host goes down, your site can be quickly recovered and reinstated. We ensure your backups happen multiple times throughout the day.

Security Monitoring

We scan for known vulnerabilities. As soon as a security vulnerability is known to the community, we fix it right away. Our proactive team ensures your site is always protected.

Uptime Monitoring

We are notified if your site goes down and will work to get it back up right away. We have 3rd party monitoring software added to all sites, so the moment anything does go down—everyone on our support team is aware. All downtime notices and remedial actions are recorded.

Bi-Weekly & Security Updates (every 2 weeks + Security Patches)

Everything is updated and tested to ensure the latest functionality and stability. Updates take about 90+ mins to do safely, if there are no issues, depending on complexity through development, staging, and production environments.

Responsible Updating & QA

Anytime we perform updates, they are always handled in a staging environment. We take your current live site, copy it, and do all your updates in a test and a staging environment. We run through a unique Quality Assurance process specific to your site, which we determine during your onboarding process. Your Easily Amused rep visually checks your site and runs through an active task list to ensure that all the custom functionality works. After this, we push everything live and do it all again! All plugins are tested and updated to ensure the latest functionality and stability. Updates will be handled in the staging environment. Development work will be done in a development environment.

Version Controlled Codebase (Git Repository)

GitFlow is a lightweight, branch-based workflow that supports teams and projects where deployments are made regularly. This allows us to retain a stable production environment, iterative development workflow, and full code re-versioning. (We will make sure we are following your current deployment flow.)

Snapshot Safety Net

We trigger backups anytime changes are made by Easily Amused to your file structure or major database tables. This way, even if your site goes down entirely, we’ve got the most up-to-date version of your site available to re-deploy. 

Custom Development Hours

For any tasks that do not fit into the plan terms, our clients have access to our custom development team. We offer development hours as needed. 

Monthly Check-In Calls

This is a scheduled call every month with your account rep where we just talk. See how things are going, and if there is anything we can help you with. See if there is anything we can do to make our platform meet your needs better. And of course, see how we can help your business grow. This time is yours and does not count towards your support time. 

Monthly Reports

You will receive a basic monthly report outlining all security patches, updates, and monitoring stats.

Ticketing System

We will set up a proper project management area and give your team access to our ticketing system. All issues should be sent to

Scheduled Support & Troubleshooting 

Our support service ensures that your site is up and running. We take care of your site’s day-to-day needs, as well as any issues that arise; and with our monitoring systems, we are alerted the moment anything ever happens.

Easily Amused support plans are tailored to the needs of your site. At a minimum, this includes offsite backup, integrity checks, uptime monitoring, bi-weekly software updates, and security scans. Some support plans also include time for client support requests*. All requests will be answered in a timely manner in accordance with this SLA.  While we guarantee a response, not all requests can be fulfilled within the constraints of a monthly plan.  

To clarify, we define a Client Support Request as:

  1. Any questions, advice, consultation, or other conversational requests.
  2. Anything that can be conducted in the WordPress Admin.
  3. 30 minutes of troubleshooting or investigation into a problem/issue.
  4. Anything that shows up that is not covered under active development,
    if there is still time remaining.

As a rule of thumb, anything meeting the above criteria is included within the scope of monthly site management, as long as monthly support limits have not been reached. When a task requires additional resources (i.e. time for project planning and development) a custom estimate will be provided. This must be approved before work will begin. Easily Amused always works to provide a timely, accurate estimate. New information may change the scope and estimate, which can require additional approval. 

Development/Support time can be purchased as needed. Also, if we continually run out of time each month (more than 20 hours), we would recommend a higher-level plan. This would be discussed with your account rep on your monthly check-in calls. Any issues that are due to the platform, Easily Amused will take care of and will not count towards the client’s monthly hours.

Support Time does not rollover. Hours do not count towards sprint work. This time is dedicated to anytime support and monthly unplanned unknowns that are not part of any currently planned development work.

Support & Maintenance Disclaimer

Work may be determined as ‘outside of plan scope’ at any time by Easily Amused based on the initial request specifications or after 30 minutes of troubleshooting or investigation.

We will notify you of any work that falls outside the scope of your support plan beforehand with an estimate of cost and delivery. We will also notify you when support limits for the month have been reached. All approved overages will be billed at that time at your current hourly rate of $160 unless otherwise noted per project.

Development (in all scenarios) will be quoted and invoiced when work is agreed upon and would be defined in a new separate proposal. All of the work is tentatively scheduled and requires payment of the invoice (or first installment) to secure the dates estimated for delivery.

Work can be paid for with prepaid block hours as well. Any project larger than 20 hours should be scheduled as a sprint’s worth of work. Or at the very least scheduled out in advance. The prepaid block time lets us work on smaller tasks in between larger projects. 

Any delay on your part in communication or payment forfeits the scheduled work dates and makes them subject to rescheduling at our next available window of time to complete the work requested. 

Our development schedule is booked out a minimum of 2 weeks at any given time and is handled in a first-come, first-served manner. Any major support issues or core updates from any client will take precedence over any new development.


Office Hours

Easily Amused’s operating hours are between 10 am and 6 pm EST, Mon-Fri with limited check-ins on the weekend and holidays for now. As we grow, we will have extended support hours. However, we can make any scheduled meeting time work for your team. 

Response Policy

During business hours we often provide a 4-hour response time to initial standard requests. You will find that our typical response time is much faster.

Your time is important to us. Because the realm of supporting all your needs is varied and vast, we may require some time to research or review to ensure that we are making forward progress with each communication.

The urgency of “URGENT” emails is subject to the reviewer’s discretion and may not result in immediate response or action solely due to the title of the email.

“Site Down” notifications and broken critical business processes are top priority requests and will be handled first.

Contact Info

Asana is the primary mode of communication with your Easily Amused team on active development topics, but email can also be used as needed.

You can contact anyone in the Easily Amused team at any time using We use a shared inbox to increase visibility. Using private team emails or bypassing this inbox may result in a delay in replies, work completion, or loss of critical information that you send via private channels. Billing-specific inquiries can be sent to Office Phone: (407) 278-5498.

Pricing Plans

Let Honors help with your monthly support and maintenance needs.

Plans Starting At

$550  /Monthly

  • Everything you need for your LearnDash website
  • Managed LearnDash Updates
  • LearnDash Support
  • Performance Reviews (Boost your site speed!)
  • LearnDash Consulting
  • LearnDash Maintenance
Access to all our eLearning WordPress Plugins For LearnDash
Plans Starting At

$5,500 /Year

  • Everything you need for your LearnDash website with 2 months free when paid yearly.
  • Managed LearnDash Updates
  • LearnDash Support
  • Performance Reviews (Boost your site speed!)
  • LearnDash Consulting
  • LearnDash Maintenance
Access to all our eLearning WordPress Plugins For LearnDash

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