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Migration & Conversion Services

Migrations start at $1,200 and increase based on complexity and size.

Things that might affect the pricing:

  • Quality of the old host
  • Where will you be moving to?
  • File size
  • Data Base Size
  • Number of Users
  • Number of Courses
  • Number of Questions
  • Number of quizzes
  • Is it a complete 100% move, or are we moving selected elements and data?
  • Do we need to worry about live data?
  • Do we have to perform the migration after-hours
  • Is there anything custom or fancy we need to worry about?
  • How are you selling access?
  • What are the other premium plugins you are using?
  • How many users do you have?
  • How many courses, lessons, and quizzes do you have?
  • Are we changing the DNS?
  • 3rd party anything?
    • H5P
    • Videos
    • Forums
    • Etc

Answering Yes would indicate you need a more advanced migration

  • Are you switching or adding an LMS?
  • Do we need to rebuild your site?
  • Are you switching page builders? 
How to export and import your LearnDash content

What’s the difference between a migration and a conversion?

One is moving basic dates; most of the time, we are not worried about how anything looks. This is moving to and from the same LMS. A conversion could switch your LMS or even a page builder, like Divi, to the new Block Editor.  

Triggers for a conversion:

  • Are you switching or adding an LMS?
  • Do we need to rebuild your site?
  • Are you switching page builders?
  • Design changes
  • Theme switching

Conversions pricing is all custom-based on the project but usually spans 1-4 sprints. Reach out for our current sprint pricing.

Honors’ Migration Process

Below is our typical migration process. The actual process may very based on the complexity of your migration.

  1. Agreement
  2. Deposit 
  3. Onboarding
    1. Gather & Test Logins
    2. PM setup with defined goals from the Agreement
    3. Make sure we have proper backups
    4. Make sure we have proper dev/staging environments 
  4. Simple migration – we do a test run
  5. Client Review/Get approval on a test run
  6. Advanced migration – create custom migration scripts
  7. Test Run
  8. Full Run
  9. Go Live

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