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Plugins for
LearnDash & WordPress

Do you need a better way to create and develop your LearnDash LMS site, be it in Elementor or Gutenberg, or even Divi? Browse our premium WordPress plugins to find your practical solution.

Block Styles

Customize your block with control over things like spacing, borders, backgrounds, visibility, and more advanced controls.

Events Calendar
for LearnDash

Add calendar events on a per student, per course basis, or add an event for all users and push it to their personal calendars.

Certificate Archive for LearnDash

Allow students to access each certificate they have earned over time, even if you reset the course progress for a student.

Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash

Provide discount codes to your customers without using bulky eCommerce solutions.

Course Countdown Timer for LearnDash

Displays how much time an enrolled user still has in your course.

Course Reviews for LearnDash

The best course reviews plugin for LearnDash with filterable 1-5 star reviews. Build student confidence in your courses.

Course Seats
for LearnDash

Courses Seats for LearnDash allows you to restrict the number of people who are able to enroll in your courses.

Departments & Accolades

Want to display one or multiple departments relating to a course(s)? Wish to display an “employee of the month”? How about projects and teams? This plugin can do all that!

Divi Integration for LearnDash

All the same blocks and widgets you are used to for LearnDash, now with Divi support – In Beta.

Edit Quiz Answers For LearnDash

Easily edit quiz answers on a per-user basis in LearnDash. Update correct/incorrect answers as well as points.

Faculty & Staff Showcase

Display beautiful dynamic blocks highlighting instructors of selected courses. Include the instructor’s picture, biography, contact info, and design options.

Flashcards for WordPress

Create unique, interactive flashcards to help learners retain information and perform better on assessments.

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash

Export entire courses with their associated content and import everything into your new LearnDash site, all with only a few clicks.

Messaging for LearnDash

Facilitate private conversations between students and staff members.

Related Courses for LearnDash

Up-sell your students and users by displaying related courses on the individual course page.

Sales Tax
for LearnDash

Automatically add sales tax to a user’s order based on their IP address. Works with both PayPal and Stripe.

Parent & Student Access for LearnDash

Allow parents to access their child’s reports on LearnDash. Managers and school faculty can also utilize this add-on.

PowerPack For LearnDash

42 powerful modules to supercharge your LearnDash powered WordPress website.


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Coming Soon Plugins

Most of these plugins are in the final stages of development and are almost ready for beta testers.

Additional Shortcodes for LearnDash

Create and edit user profiles in Gutenberg right from the front-end of your WordPress LMS site.

Course Extensions for LearnDash

Extend the functionality of LearnDash with features such as course access settings and selling course extensions.

Certificate Previewer For LearnDash

Give users the ability to preview their certificate in LearnDash before they earn it.

Bulk Actions for LearnDash

Sell Lessons For LearnDash 

Block Builder Missing Menu & Items

Dynamic Content

Use your custom meta in any of your blocks

Course Visibility for LearnDash

Unique User Content For LearnDash

Show unique content on a per course, per group, or per user basis.

Custom Quiz Questions for LearnDash

Certification Builder for Elementor

Need a certification of completion? Build professional certifications in Elementor, one of the most popular page builders for WordPress.

Front-End Course Creator
for LearnDash

Create, edit, and manage courses from the front-end of your WordPress LMS site.

Front-End Profiles for Gutenberg

Create and edit user profiles in Gutenberg right from the front-end of your WordPress LMS site.

Right Click for Gutenberg

Take more control over your Gutenberg blocks with our dynamic right-click functionality.

Text Editor
for LearnDash

Take more control over your Gutenberg blocks with our dynamic right-click functionality.

Quiz Report for LearnDash

Custom Quiz Templates for LearnDash

Custom Quiz Layout for LearnDash

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