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How to Use Course Countdown Timer for LearnDash

In this article, we’ll walk through how to use the Course Countdown Timer for LearnDash.

Add the Couse Countdown Timer Shortcode to Page #

Step 1: Create a WordPress page or post to add the course countdown timer to.

We recommend adding the shortcode to your LearnDash course page, so users are easily aware of how much time they have left.

Step 2: Add the course countdown timer shortcode to the page:

Course Countdown Timer for LearnDash

If the course has expired, the shortcode will read Course Expired on the front end.

Label Translation #

We recommend translating the shortcode labels through standard translation methods.

Shortcode Attributes #

If you are using previous versions of the plugin, you can apply the shortcode attributes but their use is discouraged.

[student][pfk_course_countdown_timer days_label=“Dias” hours_label=“Horas” minutes_label=“Minutos” seconds_label=“Segundos” separator=“-” expired_label=“Caducado”][/student]
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