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Course Reviews for LearnDash Shortcodes

Reviews Shortcode #


This shortcode renders three sections.

  • A review submit form only for logged in users

  • Summary displaying average rating and progress bar

List of reviews with pagination


  • id: ID of the LearnDash course. Defaults to current page.

Reviews List Shortcode #

[ea_ld_reviews_list id=”course ID” stars=”1-5″ columns=”1-2″]

Additional parameters:

  • id: ID of LearnDash course
  • stars: 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. The default selection is “all”, meaning it will show all ratings (1-5).
  • columns: Show review columns in a single column or two columns. The default selection is 1. For tablet devices, the coulmns only appear with a width greater than 900px
[ea_ld_reviews_list id=”118″ stars=”5″ columns=”2″]

Reviews Summary Shortcode #

[ea_ld_reviews_summary id=”course ID”]

Review Form Shortcode #

[ea_ld_reviews_form id=”course ID”]

Note: [ea_ld_reviews_form] can not be used on the same page as [ea_ld_reviews].

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