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Actions & Filters for Developers

Events Calendar for LearnDash Filters

Limit the Number of Events Shown #

add_filter(‘immerseus_calendar_map_calendar_events_query_max_events’, function( $amount_of_events, $user_id ) {
$amount_of_events = 10;

// Check for a specific user id
if( 1 === $user_id ) {
$amount_of_events = 10000000;
// Always return.
return $amount_of_events;
}, 2, 10);

add_filter(‘immerseus_calendar_map_calendar_events_query_max_events’, function( ) {
return 1;

Allow Students to Create Their Own Events #


  • Defaults to allow logged-in users to add events (i.e. shows the add event button), if set to false, no button shows.


  • Only takes effect if the previous filter is ‘false’, defaults to ‘manage_options’ (= admin capabilities) can be changed to other caps. If they don’t want to show add event buttons for any user cap, they have to return false.

Change Calendar Display Language #

Changes the calendar display language from hardcoded English to the locale set in the WP admin.


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