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How To: Enroll New User Into Multiple Courses on Registration

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Does your LearnDash site feature multiple course selections? When a new user registers on your site do you wish for them to be enrolled in more than one course? Below we will provide an example of how to enroll a new user into multiple courses on registration.

Getting Started #

Our documentation will require PHP and/or JavaScript code. To use the code you must place it in your WordPress code in an appropriate place to load, usually in a theme or plugin.


PHP code can be placed in your theme’s functions.php file, or in a standalone plugin if you know how to make one.

JavaScript #

JavaScript code should be placed in a JavaScript file (.js) and enqueued using wp_enqueue_scripts. There are other ways of getting JavaScript on the page, but this is the most recommended to avoid future problems with JavaScript code on the page.

Example #

add_action( 'user_register', function( $user_id ) {

	// Comma separated array of course IDs
	// Go here if you don't know how to find Course ID:
	$course_ids = [

	// Add user to each course
	foreach ( $course_ids as $course_id ) {
		ld_update_course_access( $user_id, $course_id, $remove = false );


The callback function, ld_update_course_access should return a URL (string) of where to send the user.

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