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Using the Parents & Students Access for LearnDash, Parents must be enrolled in the selected LearnDash courses for them to link students.

Step 1: Navigate to the page where you inserted the shortcode [ldpa_link_accounts].

Step 2: Scroll down to Available Courses that can be linked.

Parent & Student Access for LearnDash linking students to courses.

Step 3: Click Expand to select which students to link course(s) to.

Available courses to link in Parent & Student Access for LearnDash plugin.

Step 4: Select the student you wish to link the course to and click Link.

Student linked to course under a parent's account.

1 thought on “Linking Students to Courses”

  1. Hi, I’d really like my parents to be able to bestow a course upon multiple children, not just one, do you have any suggestions on the easiest way to accomplish this?
    EG, the parent signs up for a beginning piano course,I want them to assign that course to 3 different children.

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