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Actions & Filters for Developers

Actions & Filters for Developers

Course Seats for LearnDash Filters

Filters for Remaining Seats #

 * Filters the remaining seats
 * @param int   $remaining Remaining seats.
 * @param int   $course_id Course ID.
 * @param array $users     Enrolled Users.
$remaining = (int) apply_filters( 'ea_course_seats_filter_remaining_seats', $remaining, $this->course_id, $users );

Filter to Not Show Negative Seats #

$show_negative_seats = apply_filters( 'ea_course_seats_show_negative_seats', false );

Filter for Remaining Course Seats Front end HTML Output #

 * Filter the remaining course seats front end HTML output
 * Default:
 * `<div class="ldsc_number_text"># Seat(s) Remaining</div>`
 * @param string $html HTML output
 * @param int $remaining_seats Remaining seats
$html = apply_filters( 'ea_course_seats_frontend_output', $html, $this->remaining_seats );

Filter to Check Available Course Seats to Prevent Woocommerce Checkout #

apply_filters( 'ea_course_seats_check_course_seats_for_woocommerce_purchase', false, $product )

Filter to Exclude LearnDash Course Price Types #

apply_filters('ea_course_seats_show_remaining_seats_price_types', array( 'closed', 'free', 'paynow', 'subscribe' ), $this->course_id );

CSS for “Seats Remaining” Bar #

If the “Seats Remaining” bar appears on your page multiple times, apply this CSS to only show the bar once.

.ldsc_number_text {
.ld-tabs-content .ldsc_number_text {
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