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Actions & Filters for Developers

Faculty & Staff Showcase Filters

  • Filter hook for adding user options to choose from and display.
  • Accepts adding a property to the `userOptions` object, ideally named the same as its `name` property.
  • Object, each property is an object containing:
    • name string String to identify option.
    • label string Display label.
    • helpText string Help text for selecting options.
    • options array[objects] Array of options with the following properties:
      • name string Display name for option.
      • value string Term slug to query.
    • apiPath object API call information.
      • endpoint string API endpoint to hit.
      • namespace string Optional. Not currently used.
      • query string Optional. Not currently used.
  • Filter hook for manipulating user data after being fetched and before being displayed.

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