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Messaging for LearnDash Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the chat images and pdfs stored?

They are uploaded to the wp-content/uploads directory.

How do we have message notifications from a specific course go to a specific user (instructor)?

Currently, this is a feature slated for a future release.

Does this work with LearnDash focus mode?

Yes! In fact you can view examples of how our messaging plugin works in focus mode via our documentation available here:

How do I limit accounts to who can access the chat and talk to each other?

If you are looking to limit accounts in terms of who can see the chat, you could create LearnDash groups and hide the chat from those who you don’t want to access the chat function.

How can I change the outgoing sender name from “WordPress”?

Please refer to this article on how to change the outgoing sender’s name from “WordPress”.

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