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Actions & Filters for Developers

Parent & Student Access for LearnDash Filters

Support BuddyBoss Theme Registration Page #

If you are using the BuddyBoss platform with a BuddyBoss theme, you will need this custom code because the BuddyBoss platform overrides the registration page.

  • Use this filter to add the checkbox markup like this function add_parent_field_to_register_form already in student-parent plugin.
  • Use this filter to change the user role to the parent from the subscriber.
  • Use this filter to keep the role parent if this bp_core_signup_user filter doesn’t work to change the role because when it activates the user in the Buddyboss platform then it activates the user as a subscriber.

Require Date of Birth #

Use this filter to require a date of birth when adding a student/child account without an email address.

if ( apply_filters( 'learndash_access_for_parents_require_date_of_birth', false ) ) : ?>

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