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How to Create a Link Between a Parent and Student

How to Create a Link Between a Parent and Student

Step 1: To create a link between parent and student as a WordPress administrator, navigate to Parent Access in your WordPress dashboard.

Parent & Student Access plugin from WordPress admin area.

Step 2: Click Create New Link

Step 3: Select which parents and students to link from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Click Save.

Parent & Student Access for LearnDash admin view.

The parent and student link will appear as a link but the student must be a registered user on your site and they must accept the invite link via email for the link to be confirmed.

Parent & Student Access for LearnDash parent linked to student.

Add Child User to Existing Parent Account from Admin #

If you are looking to add or remove a child user role to an already existing parent user link, they must click Edit on the link, not Create New Link. Otherwise, the previously linked children will be unlinked and the parent linkage will be deleted.

Parent & Student Access for LearnDash admin linking menu.

After clicking Edit under the Actions section, add the registered student from the drop-down menu and click Save.

Delete a Parent & Child Link as a WordPress Admin #

To delete a parent & child account linkage, click delete under the Actions section.

This will delete the parent link and any existing links between the parent and their sub-accounts.

Video Walkthrough #

Creating a parent and student link can be done on the front-end of the website using the Parent & Student Access plugin’s shortcode.

Step 1: Create a page and call it anything you want.

Step 2: Add the following shortcode to the page:


This will display a page where students can be added with email, without email, and allow courses to be linked.

Parent & Student Access for LearnDash account link page.

Add Student With Email #

As a parent, manager, or other supervisor-related role:

Step 1: Navigate to the page where you inserted the [ldpa_link_accounts] shortcode.

Parent add student link page.

Step 2: Type in the student’s email address and click Add Child. The student’s email must be registered on the site and the student must confirm the link for the connection to be confirmed.

Add Student Without Email #

For this setting to be enabled, admins must allow parents to add students without an email address.

Parent & Student Access for LearnDash adding students without email screenshot.

Step 1: Fill out the student’s first name, last name, give them a username, and create a password. An auto-generated password will display if you choose to use that.

Step 2: Click Add Child. The student will be assigned a default email. E.g. “[parent email]”.

Parent & Student Access for LearnDash linked students under a parent's account.
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