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Display Conditions

There are three display conditions in Unique User Content upon which each is checked. 

  1. Associated Courses — This ties the unique content to a specific course. 
  2. Associated Groups — This ties the unique content to a specific group. 
  3. Associated Users — This ties the unique content to a specific user. 

If you select a course and a user then there will be a two-level check to ensure the user can access the content. 

The first check would be does the user has access to the course? And does the course have a unique piece of content associated with it? If so, then the second check happens which makes sure the user is associated with that content. 

If both conditions are met you’ll see the Unique Content tab on the course and on click will see the relevant content. 

Click on the tab and you’ll see the content like so:

There can be multiple pieces of unique content displayed which is why you can see the three bars on the right-hand side. Clicking those will collapse the content so you can only see the title. 

In addition to the output on the course itself there is also a shortcode:

[unique_user_content] which accepts an ID to be passed like so: [unique_user_content id="1916"] which then allows you to display unique content on any page and not just a course.
In addition you can just use [unique_user_content] which will automatically output the relevant content for the logged-in user.

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