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Export Problem

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      Pontus Isaksson

      Hi when I export some of my courses I dont get a azip file. There seems to be some kind of error on the backendwhen I do the exports it wont create the zip file when I choose export course and check which courses I want to export.
      If I chosoe any other posttype there is no problem, it exports and send the zip file.

      There site also has two open shorter demo courses and if I export them the plugin works fine so probably noting wrong with the server. It seems to be something with the other courses.I cant find anything different with these courses. The site uses elementor but I checked that all parts just uses the regular block editor for content. If i chose export all courses and only choose certfiicates for example it still dosent work.
      I tried both xml export and json. The problem is also that I dont really have access to ftp for the hosting of the older site.
      Any ideas ?

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      Justin Pine
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      Hello Pontus,

      Sometimes, zipping files can take an extended amount of time to render and if there are any write issues, the export will not work.

      We also recently fixed an issue with AWS. If you are still experiencing these issues, please contact our support team.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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