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      Justin Pine
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      Three panes if the “Restrict Chats to Only Students and Teachers” is enabled.

      1.) A course pane so that the teachers could send messages to all students who are enrolled in a course like a classroom’s group or similar.

      2.) A student’s pane who shows ONLY the students that has to interact with the creator/additional teachers (like the new conversation’s pane) and where creators/teachers can reply and see the conversation.

      3.) A Student’s pane (or similar) where the creator/additional teachers can choose a student (grouped by course) they would like to interact with.

      In simple words, the creators and additional teachers must be “considered” as a single endpoint for a student’s conversation.

      When a student sends a message to a “course” it must be received from both creators and teachers so that everyone could reply and interact and see the thread.

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