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Departments & Accolades FAQ

Does the Departments and Accolades plugin work with all learning management systems?

Our plugin is LMS agnostic and should work on any WordPress site using Gutenberg block builder or adding our shortcode to their page builder. We have already started working on Elementor support. However, it works great with LearnDash, our LMS of choice.

Does the custom avatar overwrite a user’s avatar site-wide?

No, it only overrides the block it’s set on and does not override in any loops, only on the author’s single-user block option.

Does the Departments and Accolades plugin work with Uncanny Owl’s Instructor Roles plugin?

Yes, it does.

What user roles does the Departments and Accolades plugin support?

All of them! (Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber)

Can our plugins integrate with Departments and Accolades?

Custom development is always an option, but our user base would be happy to add it to the roadmap if the feature is something our user base could utilize. Please reach out via our support page.

Why do I see a blank screen in the back end?

Make sure you are using PHP 5.6 or higher (preferably 7.4 or higher)

What does “Translation-ready” mean?

All our plugins are translation-ready, meaning we follow all WordPress standards for the localization of text. Our plugins should be compatible with most WordPress translation plugins.
We will provide support for translation issues stemming from our plugins, but we cannot support the translation plugins themselves.

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