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In your wp-admin > LearnDash LMS > Chat Settings, you’ll find the Messaging for LearnDash settings like this:

General Settings #

Messaging for LearnDash chat settings.

Restrict chats to only students and teachers – Toggle Yes to keep conversations between students enrolled in courses and the course author. When this setting is enabled, users will not be able to message each other one-on-one.

Chat refresh frequency (seconds) – Set the number of seconds you wish your chat to refresh.

Delete database tables on deactivation – If you deactivate the Messaging for LearnDash plugin, database tables will be deleted.

Allow users to delete messages from chat – Select Course, Group, or Private to allow users to delete messages.

Message can be deleted within (minutes) – Set a specified time users can delete messages.

Deleted message placeholder text – This text appears when a LearnDash chat has been deleted. The default is “Message was removed”.

Allow users to edit chat messages – Select Course, Group, or Private to allow users to edit messages.

Messages can be edited for (minutes) – Set a specified time users can edit messages.

Notification Reminders & Recipients #

Messaging for LearnDash settings for reminders.

Enable Reminders – Toggle Yes to enable reminder notification emails to be sent to users of unread chats. Selecting No will result in reminder emails not being sent.

Notification Email – The custom default text is set to:

You have {total} unread messages on {site_name}. This is what appears in a user’s email inbox under the subject line.

The body of the email is set to: Hello {user_name}, You have {total} unread messages on {site_name}. Your messages can be reviewed from {site_link}.

Here is what the notification email looks like to users.

Messaging for LearnDash notifcation email shown on Gmail account.
Messaging for LearnDash email showing what LearnDash users see.

Available tokens you can use in the notification email:

  • {user_name} – This will display the user’s WordPress username in the email
  • {total} – Displays the total number of unread messages
  • {site_name} – Displays your site name in the notification email
  • {site_link} – Shows the URL to your site
  • {chat_page} – Displays the link to your page with the Messaging plugin shortcode embedded.

Time to send a reminder email after receiving a message – The default is set to 60 minutes but can set the reminder time to a minimum of one minute.

Link to your Chat pageThis would be the page you’ve added the Messaging shortcode to. The link must be a relative path to the page. Do not add the entire URL in the Link to your Chat page area.

Include Conversation Links in email – Select Yes to automatically include the URL link that would take the user to the conversation

Twilio Settings – Enter your Account SID, Authentication Token, and the From Number to integrate with Twilio.

* Please Note * – If your notification emails are not sending or users are not receiving emails, please utilize the WP Mail SMTP plugin to see if emails are sending correctly.

Notification Recipients – You can also select who will receive chat messages.

Messaging for LearnDash user notifcation options.

The default is set to All users. You can choose to specify which users receive chat notifications and who do not.

Hide Chat from Specific Courses, Groups, & Lessons #

You can disable chat from specific courses, groups, and lessons by selecting from the dropdown menu.

Messaging for LearnDash settings for hiding chat option from courses, groups, and lessons.

Chat Dashboard Colors #

You can also select from 3 color modes including Light and Dark modes.

Both Light and Dark modes can be adjusted to better suit your website aesthetic or brand colors.

Default Color Mode

Messaging for LearnDash color settings.

Light Color Mode

Messaging for LearnDash light mode setting.

Dark Color Mode

Messaging for LearnDash dark mode setting.

23 thoughts on “Settings”

    1. Hello!

      We are currently working on the ability to delete messages in the admin area.

      If you select “No” for “Restrict chats to only students and teachers” in the chat settings, you should be able to allow users to delete private messages.

    2. Hello Isabel!

      At the current moment, there isn’t another way to delete or reset chat messages but this is a feature we are currently working on and should have an update soon!

  1. Are Private Groups created only by the Group Leader/teacher on the front end? Are students able to create their own chat groups without the group leaders knowledge, or are group leader/teachers able to view all interactions between students in the Private Messaging plugin? Are the message groups created based on classroom or course? Thank you!

    1. Hello!

      Private groups can only be created on the frontend but we are working on a setting to allow the creation of private groups in the admin area. Students can create private groups but admins/teachers can view all groups and messages. The message groups are based on course. We have been working on updating our documentation to provide more clarity.

      Hope this helps and let us know if you have any other questions!

      1. Is it possible to restrict the creation of a chat group to only those with a group leader role for the course? Students can post and reply to comments, and the group leader moderates.


        1. Hello Celito,

          This is not possible at the moment, but our development team is looking into user capabilities with chat group creation and how these settings can be implemented.

          Best regards.

    1. Hi Isabel!

      If you go into the Chat Settings, selecting “Yes” for “Restrict chats to only students and teachers” should only allow teachers to initiate chats with students

        1. If the “Restrict chat to only students and teachers” setting is enabled, only teachers and students will be able to chat one-on-one, and the other students in the course/group will not be able to see their conversations.

  2. Hello,

    How may I customize the styled Chat Theme – to a different background colour and possibly add a logo?

    Thanks and regards,

    1. Hello,

      This is a feature the development team has been working on for this plugin and will be implemented in an updated version soon.

      Thank you and best regards,

  3. Is it possible to enable on certain groups and courses rather than ‘hide’ from groups and courses. When you have more then 30 groups and courses it makes it time consuming to have to hide each and every course / group just for it to show on one course or on one group.

      1. +1 for this feature – I can’t use this plugin without it. Imagine if there are tens or hundreds of courses, and you’re constantly adding new ones, but you want chat on only one/a handful of the courses. It’s currently impractical to come back to this section and update with all the courses + each new one as it’s released.

        It’d be a winner if you had the ability to toggle chat on/off by default, then add exceptions from there.


  4. Is it possible to have more than one chat for the same Learndash group? Our courses have several ‘topics for discussion’ and it would be easier to have several chats running ie one chat per topic, rather than one chat to cover all the topics, that will become very long and confusing.

    1. Hello Michelle,

      Our current version of the Messaging for LearnDash plugin (4.5.4) only allows for one chat at a time. the development team has been working on implementing a new feature where multiple chats can occur.

  5. Is the Messaging for LearnDash plugin compatible with BuddyBoss, which also has private messaging capabilities, but not teacher-student messaging?

    1. Hello Erin,

      Right now, our plugin is not integrated with BuddyBoss functionality but we have added this to our backlog for our development team to look into.

      Thank you

  6. Víctor García Rodríguez

    Hi! How can I send a message to all students in a group/course? No 1 by 1 with copy&paste.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Victor,

      You should be able to go into your LearnDash course or group and on the sidebar, there should be an option to message a LearnDash course, group, or individual user. You can send a message, which sends a message to all users in that course/group. If you are unable to message all students in a course/group, please submit a support ticket.

      Thank you.

  7. Confused about notifications – How do you specify who the moderator is to receive the notifications? or do you select all people so both students and teachers receive them?

    I tested adding my username as a recipient but haven’t received any emails yet or in spam folder. What is the best way to test this?

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