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An important aspect for schools and businesses is to monitor internal communication to stamp out bullying and harassment. Our Messaging for LearnDash plugin allows admins to monitor a user’s chat messages easily.

In your wp-admin > LearnDash LMS > Chat Messages, enter the start of a user’s name to search and then select the user to review all their sent messages.

5 thoughts on “Monitoring Messages”

  1. Is this the only was to monitor messages ? I have thousands of users enrolled to my site with hundreds of courses. I want a simple mechanism for a student to ask a question via chat and that flag to me in some way so I can responds either on line or offline.

    Can this plugin do that, it is not practical to run through thousands of users multiple times a day.

    I have also tried to enable the email notification – but am not receiving emails. Obviously I’m missing something.



    1. Hello Andrew,

      Searching a user from the drop-down menu is how an admin view all chat messages but we are currently working on implementing a new feature like you describe to accommodate those with a large user base.

      The email notifications may have gone to your spam folder and/or there may be a delay in the email reaching your inbox.

    1. Hello Emile,

      Is the 404 page occurring when the shortcode is being applied? Has the page been published?

      If you would like to submit a support ticket, our team can help get a better idea of your issue.

      For the popup option, it is possible to hide the chat tab from specific courses and groups, but we are still working on implementing a feature that allows the chat window to function as a popup.

  2. And it is possible to get this chat box as a simple popup option… like in a normal ebsite and remove theTAB… totally invisible.

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