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Backup Overview

Choose LMS to Back Up #

Select which LMS you want to back up. Then, click Continue.

Transfer plugin backup menu.

Run Backup #

Click Backup to create a backup of your LMS content.

Run backup menu for Transfer plugin.

Once your backup is created, a pop-up will appear showing it has been completed. The completed backup will also show in the Activities menu.

Transfer plugin backup completion window.

Restore Backup #

To restore a backup of your LMS content, navigate to the Activities menu.

Transfer plugin activities menu.

Then, select the backup you wish to restore.

How to Backup & Restore Your LearnDash or LifterLMS Site #

Important Notes When Using Backup & Restore #

  • We back up only selected LMS data and associated users
  • During the backup process, we are not responsible for everything, however, we ensure that we support all relevant content to the LMS you are migrating.
  • When restoring the backup, we do not delete any user-created content. Instead, we focus on restoring the data from our backup, regardless of its nature.

Disable the Automatic Backup Function #

Disable Automatic Backup During Import/Conversion

This code snippet prevents the automatic backup of your site’s LMS data during the import/conversion processes. This is intended to optimize the execution of the conversion by avoiding unnecessary time consumption on backup operations when not required.


  1. Insert this code in the functions.php file of your active WordPress theme.
  2. By implementing this code, the execution time for import and conversion can be optimized.
// Prevent automatic backup before conversion
remove_action( 'ea_transfer_init_learndash_import', 'ea_transfer_auto_backup_before_convert' );
remove_action( 'ea_transfer_init_lifter_import', 'ea_transfer_auto_backup_before_convert' );
remove_action( 'ea_transfer_init_lifter_to_learndash_convert', 'ea_transfer_auto_backup_before_convert' );
remove_action( 'ea_transfer_init_learndash_to_lifter_convert', 'ea_transfer_auto_backup_before_convert' );

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