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Showcase Your WordPress LMS Faculty and Staff

Meet Our Faculty and Staff Showcase WordPress Plugin!

Faculty and Staff Showcase WordPress plugin single showcase view.

This was the first plugin release from Honors WP and what started it all, the Faculty and Staff Showcase plugin. As a DBA of Easily Amused, we began with the idea of creating a WordPress plugin that showcases dynamic author blocks for LMS courses. The rapid rise of learning management systems and eLearning have pushed organizations and institutions to quickly adapt.

What is the Faculty and Staff Showcase Plugin and What Does it Do?

What the Plugin Is

The Faculty and Staff Showcase plugin allows learning management system site owners to display their course instructors using amazing, dynamic author blocks. Our plugin gives you the ability to show your course students who their instructors are. In today’s rapidly expanding online learning community, it’s important to keep students engaged With our plugin, you can post author blocks anywhere on your WordPress LMS site.

What Sets It Apart

We offer the only author-based WordPress plugin that lets you control various dynamic settings including user role(s), text and button options, and various styling controls. Our Faculty and Staff Showcase plugin seamlessly integrates with our other plugins and templates to offer a powerful combination that you won’t find with any other WordPress LMS plugins.

Display Stunning Author Blocks Anywhere on Your WordPress Site

Multiple Author Showcase in the Faculty & Staff Showcase WordPress plugin.
Multiple Author View

The Faculty & Staff Showcase plugin allows users to display or “showcase” authors anywhere on your WordPress LMS site. Oftentimes, you may be limited to what you can display on your site, perhaps only the author’s name and a profile image. Our plugin allows options for editing text, styling options, and social media links to make course authors stand out. Customization options allow you to mold your author blocks how you like so course learners connect better with their instructors.

Choose What Author Block is Right for You

Front End view of Faculty and Staff Showcase WordPress plugin.

Shared Features

The Faculty and Staff Showcase plugin offers three variations of the author block as seen above. All three of these block variations share some of the same features including:

  • Built-in accessibility
  • Translation-ready
  • Basic styling
  • Selection indicators
  • Pre-populate content
  • Override content per use
  • Predefine block variations
  • Built-in hooks and filters
  • Display by user IDs

Custom Showcase

The Custom Showcase block is the most simple block you can utilize where choose an author profile image, edit bio text, customize the button, and post the block anywhere on your site. Additionally, you can control multiple styling aspects such as alignment, text, background color (including gradient!), and spacing (padding). These changes can be viewed right from the front end!

Honors WP Faculty and Staff Showcase Custom block.

Single Showcase

Similar to the Custom Showcase block, the Single Showcase block automatically updates a user’s profile information.

Single Showcase view of author plugin

After you select this block, it will immediately display the post author’s avatar photo, name, and description.

Multiple Showcase

Do you have a piece of course content but have multiple authors to display? Our multiple showcase block may be the perfect answer for you! The multiple showcase block allows the user to choose what authors to display according to user roles. Selecting how many authors to post is as easy as using the slider function or number input option.

Faculty and Staff Showcase multiple author view

Dynamic Settings for Using Resources

  • Control Styles
  • Multiple Text
  • Multiple and Single Author
  • Add Button/Link
  • Compatible with Gutenberg
  • Design Options
  • And more

Looking for more information on how the plugin works? Visit our documentation section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Faculty and Staff Showcase plugin work with any WordPress LMS?

Our plugin is LMS agnostic and should work on any WordPress site using block builder or adding our shortcode to their page builder. We have already started working on Elementor support.

Does the custom avatar overwrite a user’s avatar site-wide?

No, it only overrides the block it’s set on and does not override in any loops, only on the author’s single-user block option.

Can our plugins work with the Faculty and Staff Showcase plugin?

Chances are yes it does!

What user roles does the plugin support?

All of them

Can our plugins integrate with the Faculty and Staff Showcase plugin?

Custom development is an option but if the feature is something our user base could utilize, we would be happy to add it to the roadmap. Please reach out via our contact page.

Ready to Get Started?

Click here to start displaying dynamic author blocks on your WordPress LMS site.

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