What's Better for Creating an Online Course? WordPress LMS vs. SaaS - Honors WP

Making the decision to create online courses is both an exciting and nerve-racking decision. Constructing online courses requires planning, strategy, and time to put everything together. An important decision in the preliminary steps to creating courses is determining what to host your content on; a WordPress LMS plugin or SaaS.

A member of the Honors WP team and Pantheon Hero Roy Sivan covers the difference between hosting your educational content on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or utilizing a WordPress LMS plugin. While taking the route of using a SaaS such as Teachable may seem like a viable option, Roy explains in his article why this may or may not work for someone, based on their needs. Roy gives an in-depth look into using WordPress LMS plugins like LearnDash to self-host your content.

Read Roy’s Pantheon Hero blog post here to better understand what’s best for creating your online course.

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