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Please refer to our Transfer Troubleshooting documentation.

Why do I keep experiencing timeout errors?

Your server settings likely need to be adjusted to prevent timeout errors. We recommend the following server settings to prevent timeout errors:

– post_max_size 256MB
– upload_max_filesize 256MB
– Memory limit 512MB

Where can I adjust that timeout?

The timeout should be from max_execution_time in php.ini. If it is not in php.ini, it is most likely set in the server config.

Is all content kept in order like courses, quizzes, and questions?

Yes. All content keeps its associations including the places in the relevant course, quiz, and lesson builders.

When attempting to import content, I receive an error message that reads, “Could not create directory”.

This is likely because you don’t have the right permissions to create a directory on your server. This needs to be addressed on your server/hosting site.

Does this support XML exports?

No. XML exporting is only available in version 1.3.5 as it doesn’t play well with data interchange.
Newer features like the ability to export user metadata aren’t compatible with XML and can be found in version 1.4.0 and onward.

Can I migrate my LearnDash courses first, then my users?

No, you must export/import courses and users at the same time.

Courses and content built with Elementor do not transfer.

Be sure you are regenerating files by clearing your hosting cache and Elementor cache upon exporting and importing.

Does this work with shared course steps?

Yes, the importer and exporter are compatible with shared course steps but in beta. This means that although it will work, it’s under active development so if you come across any issues let us know and we’d be happy to help.

Does this work with open courses?

No. In order to properly support GDPR compliance and not break servers with expensive processes that would cause timeouts and hanging, open courses are currently not supported but we are working on this for a future release.

Why is the importing process taking so long?

The importing process depends on the power of your server and how much data you’re importing. If you have thousands of lessons it’s going to take a while. But don’t worry it will be complete! 

Is this compatible with TinCanny or xAPI?

No, xAPI content is not supported by the LearnDash Importer Exporter. 

Is this compatible with H5P?

We don’t have specific compatibility with H5P however if you use one of the many H5P plugins that content will be moved over if it’s in the content area of a lesson/course.

My user and author association is not kept after importing.

Our user association is being done by User_ID and based on user email. To fix the association, the author can enroll in a course and this should re-associate the user and author.

After I import the users and need to run the import again, will it work and update existing users + add any new users?

The Import & Export Tool should update the existing users and add any new users.

Why aren’t my quiz questions migrating properly?

Our Import & Export plugin relies on the sfwd-questions custom post type to migrate LearnDash quiz questions. You must be using this custom post type, otherwise, the migration won’t work correctly.

If the user export/import is done separately, how does the importer know which Courses a user is enrolled in?

If the user export/import process is done separately, you will need to re-associate the users with their proper course IDs.

I see multiple versions of the plugin on my dashboard, which one should I use?

It’s best to use the latest version of the plugin available when doing an import/export. We make the previous version available for users who may need to roll back after an upgrade or are testing before performing an update.

When importing, I get a “Cannot open file” message.

Delete all empty files and open the exported zip file on your dashboard in a file called “mycourse” for example.

Why does my license key not work when trying to import content to my new site?

You need to add your new site to your Honors WP Dashboard. To do this, go to your Purchase History > View Licenses > Manage Site > add the new site.

How can I contact you?

Drop us a message via our contact form!

All the media from my media library wasn’t migrated.

Our plugin only migrates media that is embedded inside a LearnDash course or related to LearnDash data. Media not associated with LearnDash can be migrated by taking the wp-content folder and importing that to your site, utilizing a search & replace plugin, and replacing the URLs.

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