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How to Export LearnDash Courses, Content, & Users

Prerequisites #

  1. You must have the latest version of LearnDash installed. We don’t recommend trying to import/export from previous versions of LearnDash. 
  2. You must also have a backup. While a backup is not required like anything that involves data, you should ensure you have a full backup so you can revert should the worst happen.
  3. Be sure to have the most up-to-date version of the Import & Export Tool for LearnDash installed on both export and import sites.
  4. Our development team recommends the following server settings at a minimum to prevent time-out errors:
    • post_max_size 265MB
    • upload_max_filesize 256MB
    • Memory limit 512MB
  5. Be sure you have the correct file writing permissions on both, your export site & import site. Click here for more information regarding this.

How to Export Courses & Content From LearnDash #

Providing you already have the plugin installed go to your wp-admin > LearnDash LMS > Import Export.

That’ll open up the main Import Export Screen.

Toggle to Export.

LearnDash Export Data Types #

Data is available for export in the data-centric JSON format. This allows for more flexibility and control when working with data, especially helpful for developers who may want to manipulate the data further before importing or work with it in other ways in comparison with XML* which is more document-centric.

LearnDash Chunking #

The Max Chunk size may seem like an odd option at first but in essence, it allows for smaller files as part of the import to prevent timeouts on slow servers. 

A higher chunk size equals a faster import but on slower servers or shared hosting then you’ll want to lower the chunk size to ensure the import completes.

LearnDash Export Post Types #

You can select to export courses, as well as associated content only.

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash post type options.

As part of the import, export plugin it’s possible that you can export specific post types only from LearnDash for example courses, lessons, topics, quiz. You don’t have to export entire courses if you don’t want to.

If you select “Course”, you’ll be presented with an option to select either All Courses or Select Courses.

Exporting All Courses #

Clicking All Courses will allow you to select specific associated content you wish to export.

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash associated content view.

Exporting Select Courses #

Clicking “Select Courses” will show the option to select specific courses.

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash export type screenshot.

Video Walkthrough of Exporting Select LearnDash Courses #

How to Export LearnDash Users and Their Data #

On the export screen, toggle over the Users Data section.

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash user export option.

Select Yes to include LearnDash users in the transfer process.

How to Export LearnDash Global Settings #

Select from the menu which LearnDash global settings you wish to export.

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash content global settings.

Exporting Your LearnDash Content #

Once you’re happy with your selections click on “Export” and then you’ll see a zip file to download. 

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash clean up exported content option.

Note: For the zip archive to generate, ZipArchive must be enabled on your server as a PHP module. While most hosts have this enabled some do not. That’s why we save the folder so you can retrieve it later. 

If the zip file doesn’t generate you will need to access your server (usually by FTP) to retrieve the exported file which is always at this location:


Cleaning up Exported Content #

There’s an option to clean up the exported content on the page. Clicking this button will remove all exported files from the Honors WP exported folder on your server.

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash directory path screenshot.

2 thoughts on “How to Export LearnDash Courses, Content, & Users”


    It,s not working. I’ve set two sites, but your system sais only one.
    When I export the courses, it takes only one second???
    To import, it takes more than 2 to 3 minutes.
    Results Zero files.
    What can I do ?

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