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LearnDash Add-ons for Back to School

LearnDash Plugins to Power Up your Site

It’s back-to-school season! Are you running a learning management system using the popular WordPress plugin LearnDash?

Honors WP is an LMS community and marketplace dedicated to helping users create great eLearning content for LMS platforms like LearnDash.

We are the largest provider of LearnDash add-ons and it being back-to-school season, we’d like to highlight some of our LearnDash plugins, that will help power up your LearnDash site.

Messaging for LearnDash

Our Messaging for LearnDash plugin allows users to facilitate conversations with each other. If students are enrolled in a LearnDash course, they can easily communicate with each other via a chat tab located on the main course page.

Messaging for LearnDash member list.
LearnDash course members appear in the chat sidebar on the main course page.

Students can send a chat to the main course chat and receive an answer from either another user or the instructor of the course.

Here, a student can send a chat on the LearnDash course’s main page.

Messaging for LearnDash chat window.

The course instructor or other LearnDash users can view the chat on their course page.

LearnDash chat plugin users using messaging options.

Students can reply to each other easily in the chat window.

Back to school LearnDash plugins featuring student to student conversations.

Apply our chat plugin shortcode to post the chat window on any WordPress page or post.

Our Messaging for LearnDash plugin features several settings to adjust the chat function to your specifications.

Messaging for LearnDash chat settings.

Messaging for LearnDash features settings to hide chat from specific LearnDash courses as well as LearnDash groups. Visit the plugin page for more information.

Parent and Student Access for LearnDash

Monitoring child progress reports on learning management systems like LearnDash is a hassle without the right tools. A great back-to-school plugin is the Parent & Student Access for LearnDash. Monitor sub-accounts and track statistics like course progress, quiz completion, and LearnDash certificates awarded.

Site administrators can create parent-student links from the backend of their site.

Parent & Student Access plugin GIF creating parent and student links.

Using our plugin’s shortcodes, you can display what students are connected to a parent’s account.

Parent & Student Access for LearnDashb student progress report.
LearnDash student having completed a course.

Apply our parent-student link shortcode, and allow parents to add students under their account without an email address on the front end of your site.

You can also view what students can be linked to on the front end.

Parent & Student Access for LearnDash showing available LearnDash courses that can be linked.

Parent & Student Access settings allow you to integrate with WooCommerce, enable parents to create accounts without email, and customize your email notification settings.

Although the plugin is named, Parent & Student Access for LearnDash, the plugin can be applied to any use case where someone manages several “sub-accounts”. Our plugin settings enable you to customize the Parent and Student labels to whatever you wish.

This plugin is perfect for managers who need to monitor staff LearnDash progress, or any other use case where you need to distribute courses to sub-accounts.

Parent & Student Access for LearnDash plugin custom labels for back to school.

If you’re looking for a great LearnDash plugin for back-to-school, or our Parent & Student Access for LearnDash plugin is a great add-on for your site.

Events Calendar for LearnDash

Hosting online classes can make “meetups” and other events a hassle to keep organized. For those that run a LearnDash site, the easiest way to schedule events for users is the Events Calendar for LearnDash plugin.

Adding a new LearnDash event using the Events Calendar for LearnDash plugin.

If you’re putting together a LearnDash site, you can add events within a few minutes and keep learners informed.

Events Calendar for LearnDash plugin GIF adding a new calendar event.

Display your LearnDash calendar right on the main course page, or any WordPress page with our easy-to-apply shortcode.

Calendar settings allow you to customize visibility settings and enable reminders for course participants of upcoming events.

Events Calendar for LearnDash settings.

PowerPack for LearnDash

LearnDash is a powerful WordPress learning management system on its own. If you’re looking for a way to truly power up your LearnDash site, then the PowerPack plugin for LearnDash is your answer.

PowerPack features over forty modules to enhance your LearnDash site without the use of code or CSS.

LearnDash back to school plugins featuring the PowerPack for LearnDash plugin.

Here’s a list of half the modules the plugin features:

  • Custom content to the single course template output.
  • All-access to previously completed course
  • Unlimited quiz attempts
  • Autocomplete course lessons and topics
  • Bypass WooCommerce background enrolment so save cron hassle!
  • Certificate shortcode link to open in a new window
  • Focus mode reply title in comments
  • Change the text of the Stripe/credit card purchase button text
  • Change the price type for all courses (enabling this sets the access type to
  • Change the price type for only open courses
  • Welcome message in focus mode change to using the first name rather than the
  • Changing the “complete” button border-radius property
  • Set course grid custom button text
  • Change LearnDash course points to 2 decimal places
  • Disable Course Progression
  • Disable the Gutenberg/WordPress block editor for all of the LearnDash custom
  • Disable video auto-start on mobile devices
  • Display a custom message when the ld_course_list shortcode returns no result
  • Display course content below the prerequisite message
  • Allow comments on quiz post type

Our team is currently working on a premium version of PowerPack for LearnDash, but you can download this plugin for free to supercharge your LearnDash site easily.

Course Reviews for LearnDash

Reviews drive sales, and business, and give product credibility. Our Course Reviews plugin allow course participants to leave reviews for courses and post them on the course page.

LearnDash course participants can submit a 1-5 star review and include a headline and review detail.

Course Reviews for LearnDash showing box for users to submit a review.

When reviews are approved, they will show up on the main course page.

Course Reviews for LearnDash plugin showing reviews from the frontend.

When users submit a review, they are automatically saved as “pending” before being approved by a site administrator.

Course Reviews for LearnDash plugin pending reviews.

Give your LearnDash courses credibility and learners the ability to recommend you to others. A positive review can mean the difference between a course sale and a missed opportunity!

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