Welcome to Honors WP! LMS Community and Marketplace - Honors WP

Welcome to Honors WP! LMS Community and Marketplace

Introduction to Honors WP

Honors WP Logo for LMS solutions

We are proud to introduce the newest offering from the Easily Amused team! Honors WP is a community and marketplace offering LMS solutions, support, and expert resources for individuals who develop WordPress Learning Management Solutions. Honors WP joins other Easily Amused properties such as Wapuu.us and BizTender.io.

So What is Honors WP?

Above all, we view Honors WP as a new community to help those that build, maintain, and grow LMS websites powered by WordPress. We offer several solutions tailored to crafting stunning and engaging course content as well as resources to help you build the most accessible and intuitive LMS possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the LMS industry or you’re an experienced course builder, there’s something for you here at Honors WP.

Who is Honors WP for?

Honors WP is for anyone in the eLearning industry. Contrary to popular belief, eLearning and LME are not reserved purely for educational intuitions. Companies that require recurring certifications often use an LMS to keep their employees up to date on any courses that are required, and many have turned to eLearning for compliance and instruction of new processes.

We also focus on those who want to teach. Perhaps you run a website dedicated to baking and you wish to build an online course in how to bake – we have tools to help you build your course and website. If you have the knowledge you want to share, the possibilities of what you can do with an LMS are nearly endless!

A Membership with Honors WP

Membership with Honors WP unlocks a plethora of resources for you to use both for your own projects and those you build for others. You will gain access to not only our premium plugins, courses, and templates, but members also have the ability to download resources, search forums, and discuss LMS solutions in private groups. Need a feature developed? Members can submit requests for new features to be developed by our team!

Membership Highlights

  • A growing eLearning community
  • Searchable forums
  • Downloadable resources
  • Access to all of our:
    • LearnDash Courses
    • Course Template
    • Certification Templates
    • Premium WordPress Plugins
  • Members-only commenting access in forums and posts
  • Member requested feature development

To learn more about enrolling in an Honors WP membership, visit our Membership page.

LMS Solutions and Resources We Are Offering

Some of our products and plugins are still under construction but here’s what Honors WP will be offering soon:

  • Premium WordPress plugins
  • Certification templates
  • Course templates
  • Tutorial courses
  • Members-only forums
  • Blog content covering eLearning industry news, LMS tips, solutions, AND MORE
Honors WP LMS solutions outline

A Look at Some of Our Current Plugins

Faculty & Staff Showcase Plugin

Our team began working on this plugin under the Easily Amused umbrella before deciding to create an entire catalog of LMS solutions. The Faculty and Staff Showcase plugin allows LMS creators to display dynamic author blocks anywhere on an LMS site. When it comes to online course content, it is important users can put a face to their instructor and get to know who they are. The Showcase blocks allow you to include a profile picture, edit text, and block styling to present faculty and staff members in a visually stunning showcase.

Faculty & Staff Showcase Block Variations

Custom Showcase

The Faculty and Staff Showcase plugins feature three different variations of author blocks. The Custom Showcase is the simplest author block where you can edit the author image, edit text, and style the button using our built-in editing feature.

The Custom showcase allows you to control multiple styling aspects such as alignment, text, background color, and spacing (padding). Once you save/update the post, you can view the changes right from the front-end!

Honors WP Faculty and Staff Showcase Custom
Front-end view of Custom Showcase block on the front-end
Single Showcase

The Single Showcase block has all the features of the Custom Showcase block but automatically populates a user’s profile information.

Multiple Showcase

The Multiple Showcase option gives users the ability to display multiple authors to a piece of content. This block gives users control over which authors to display according to user roles. You can choose which role(s) to display and how many authors to display using our slider or number input.

Faculty and Staff Showcase single view
Faculty and Staff Showcase multiple view

Departments & Accolades

Departments & Accolades is a new way to help organize and applaud staff. It is a lightweight, efficient LMS tool to essentially “organize your organization”.

With this plugin, staff can be organized into departments and teams. This combined with our Faculty & Staff Showcase plugin makes it easy to display the right grouping of staff. You don’t have to jump through hoops to offer a great user display and with our plugins, you can get back to the important stuff.

Honors WP Departments and Accolades plugin WordPress admin view

Another feature is the built-in accolades manager where you can show the members of your organization the appreciation they deserve. Some sample accolades include Employee Of The Month or Teacher Of The Year, but you can customize them to suit your specific team’s talents. Combined with the Faculty & Staff Showcase plugin, you’re now able to showcase at once all staff that received a specific award, or the multiple times a staff member has received an individual award.

Departments and Accolades LMS Solutions selection view

A Plugin Ecosystem

What makes our plugins so powerful is the seamless integration of each plugin. Our Faculty & Staff Showcase plugin and Departments & Accolades plugin form a powerful combination to showcase LMS authors and their respective department(s). These two combined with our soon-to-be-released Style Blocks plugin and Dynamic Content plugin, create a dynamic, robust plugin ecosystem you won’t find anywhere else.

Better yet, this is only the beginning. As we release more plugins they will be able to integrate with our other products such as our course templates. A membership with Honors WP is the only way to take full advantage of everything we have to offer!

Faculty and Showcase LMS Solution plugin view

More LMS Solutions to Come!

Our initial marketplace offerings are only the beginning of the great things to come to Honors WP!

Plugins to be Released Soon

  • Block Styles for Gutenberg
  • Text Editor for LearnDash
  • Additional Shortcodes for LearnDash
  • Dynamic Content for Gutenberg
  • Advanced Access for LearnDash & WooCommerce

This is just a short list of the premium LMS plugins we will soon be offering. We are currently working on the development, documentation, and user testing of a total of 15 plugins, 5 theme kits, and 16 certification templates.

Take a Look Around!

We invite you to take a look around our new website and find the right LMS development solutions for you. We will be releasing new plugins, course templates, certification templates, tutorial courses, and more eLearning resources content to study in the coming weeks. Enrolling in a membership connects you to a growing community of LMS users dedicated to creating incredible courses and content. There is much more in store for Honors WP so we invite you to enroll today at our limited-time introductory price!

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