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Elevate Your LearnDash & LifterLMS: Honors WP Membership Only $99

A Celebration of WordPress’s 20th Anniversary

A toast to an illustrious milestone—the 20th anniversary of WordPress, a platform that has fundamentally transformed the digital landscape, powering over 43% of websites across the globe. It’s been two decades of innovation, evolution, and continuous refinement, and WordPress’s influence in shaping the way we experience the internet cannot be understated.

We Now Support LifterLMS!

Honors WP is proud to amplify its commitment to optimizing your Learning Management System (LMS) with the addition of new integrations with not only LearnDash but also LifterLMS, a distinguished platform renowned for its eLearning capabilities. This is a landmark moment for us—a warmly extended welcome to LifterLMS into our product offerings.

To mark these impressive milestones, we at Honors WP are thrilled to roll out a special offer that gives you a taste of this transformative potential. We are proud to offer our comprehensive membership package, a treasure trove of powerful WordPress plugins for LearnDash & LifterLMS, innovative LearnDash site templates, insightful LearnDash tutorial courses & our Block Styles design suite for a celebratory price of $99!

Benefit from an Honors WP Membership

An Honors membership paves the way for an enriching, seamless learning experience on your LMS platform.

Whether it’s the advanced WordPress plugins for LearnDash and LifterLMS, the enticing LearnDash certificate templates, the visually compelling LearnDash Elementor site templates, or the educational LearnDash courses; each facet of the Honors WP Membership is designed to bring you unmatched value. The access to our Block Styles design suite, coupled with the thrill of special beta releases of unreleased plugins, further sweetens the deal.

WordPress Plugins for LearnDash & LifterLMS

Supercharge your LMS with Plugins for LearnDash & LifterLMS

Our plugins for LearnDash and LifterLMS are the power-ups your LearnDash and LifterLMS site needs to increase engagement and course sales. With over twenty innovative WordPress plugins, you’ll revolutionize your LMS, fostering an engaging, interactive learning environment that resonates with modern learners.

Each of our plugins is designed with a singular goal: to help you get the most out of your LearnDash and LifterLMS. The impact of these tools on your LMS is tangible, with enhanced user engagement, elevated course completion rates, and improved learner satisfaction.

New LifterLMS Integrations: Messaging & Transfer Plugins

As part of our commitment to enhancing user experience and improving communication within your LMS, we’re thrilled to announce the integration of two of our essential plugins—Messaging and Transfer—with the LifterLMS platform.

Messaging for LearnDash & LifterLMS

Our Messaging for LearnDash & LifterLMS plugin brings an interactive dimension to your courses. This plugin creates a seamless communication bridge, enabling instructors and learners to interact with each other directly. Through instant messaging, participants can exchange ideas, clarify doubts, and build a vibrant, collaborative learning community.

Facilitate one-on-one and group conversations, allowing course creators to engage with students in a more personal and collaborative manner. With conversations available per LearnDash or LifterLMS course, this plugin serves as a virtual classroom, where dialogue is no longer a one-way street. The file attachment support extends communication beyond text, allowing the exchange of materials like PDFs, images, and even embedded video content, further enriching the learning experience.


Transfer is a game-changing tool that allows LearnDash and LifterLMS course creators to effortlessly move courses, lessons, quizzes, and more between LearnDash sites and LifterLMS sites, as well as migrate from a LearnDash install to a LifterLMS install, & vice versa. Transfer makes course and content transfer between LearnDash and LifterLMS a breeze. Utilizing Transfer allows you to focus more on enhancing the learning experience and less on the technical logistics of LMS content management.

What sets Transfer apart is its ability to convert LearnDash to LifterLMS, and vice versa. This feature ensures that the choice of LMS does not restrict the applicability of your content. The plugin can also back up your current LMS type, safeguarding your course content against data loss. In case of any errors or issues, the tool offers the capability to restore already backed-up activity and even undo or reset selected conversion activities.

Our Featured Plugins for LearnDash

Parent & Student Access for LearnDash

The Parent & Student Access for LearnDash plugin creates an environment where learning thrives on collaboration and feedback. It gives LearnDash course creators the ability to sell LearnDash courses to parents, supervisors, coaches, etc., and those users can assign courses to their students, staff, or team. Courses can also be purchased individually or purchased in bulk with WooCommerce. Once assigned, these individuals can then log in to access their LearnDash course, and parent/manager roles can view detailed reports of the student’s progress, achievements, quiz results, course completions, and awarded LearnDash certificates.

It’s a versatile tool that enables course creators to provide their users with a learning environment that fosters accountability and effectively engages with parents, supervisors, coaches, tutors, etc., with their sub-accounts. Whether it’s a parent overseeing their child’s homeschooling progress or a manager supervising an employee’s professional development, this plugin ensures everyone is aligned toward a common goal.

Course Extensions for LearnDash

Course Extensions for LearnDash is a powerful plugin designed to enhance and help increase your LearnDash course sales. It provides you with comprehensive control over course access and expiration dates, enabling you to extend or limit access to your LearnDash courses at your discretion. It allows you to offer paid extensions to any LearnDash course, potentially boosting your revenue while improving the learner’s experience.

Leveraging its seamless integration with WooCommerce, you can sell course extensions directly, offering an easy and straightforward path for learners to continue their journey. Extending a user’s or group’s course access, even after the course has expired, you keep your content relevant and continue providing value to your learners.

Events Calendar for LearnDash

Events Calendar for LearnDash is a powerful tool designed to streamline course scheduling and event management on your LearnDash platform. This interactive plugin allows for comprehensive course management by providing the ability to add events on a per-course, group, or user basis. You can set start and end dates for events, create all-day events, and even allow students and staff to add their own events.

As a LearnDash course creator, you can leverage the Events Calendar for LearnDash to bring increased organization and efficiency to your course management. With seamless integration capabilities with Google Calendar and Outlook, you can ensure that your course events are easily accessible to all involved parties. By letting students and staff add their own events, you empower them to take charge of their learning journey.

Visit our plugin page for our entire catalog of WordPress plugins for LearnDash, LifterLMS, as well as LMS-agnostic plugins.

LearnDash Certificate Templates

Recognize Achievements with LearnDash Certificate Templates

LearnDash certificates serve as a dynamic tool in the realm of online learning, providing tangible recognition for course completions, test achievements, or other milestones. These certificates, integrated seamlessly within LearnDash, reinforce the value of the courses and the efforts put forth by learners.

We Offer Over Forty LearnDash Certificate Templates

Each of our LearnDash certificate templates has its own uniquely crafted design that makes it easy to edit and integrate with the LearnDash Certificate Builder. Additionally, our certificate documentation outlines the steps required to import and set up your certificate(s).

All Honors Certificates for LearnDash Feature:

  • A4 (3 mm bleed)
  • 1 Page for customized edit text
  • Integrate for LearnDash certificate
  • Print-ready
  • CMYK 300 DPI ( 11.7 x 8.2 Inch )
  • Modern layers
  • Free font used
  • Tutorial help

All Honors Certificates for LearnDash Include:

  • Fonts to use on your certificate
  • Custom background images
  • PDF example of the certificate
  • Import certificate code
  • Full instructions on how to download and input your certificate information

All of our LearnDash certificates are free to Honors members. Our team will continue to add new LearnDash certificate templates on a monthly basis. Certificates will continue to be free to Honors members as we add more.

LearnDash Elementor Site Templates

Visually Engaging LearnDash Site Templates

Our LearnDash Elementor site templates give you an easy jump-start to crafting your user-friendly LearnDash site. These templates offer a seamless blend of design and functionality, enabling you to transform your site into a visually arresting, interactive learning hub. For LearnDash course creators, our extensive catalog of LearnDash site templates, all built with the Elementor page builder, offers an invaluable tool for designing engaging and intuitive course websites.

You can customize every aspect of your course’s online presence, from the layout and color scheme to interactive features and multimedia content, ensuring that the course site truly embodies the spirit and educational goals of your course. Browse our Elementor site templates and empower begin crafting a visually compelling, engaging LearnDash site that resonates with your target audience.

LearnDash Courses

Master LearnDash, our Plugins, & More

Covering everything from the basics of LearnDash functionality to nuanced course setup, our LearnDash courses empower online course creators to leverage the full potential of the platform. Learning how to create engaging course content, manage student progress, customize course appearance, and many other key aspects are all within reach with our in-depth tutorials.

We also delve into the specifics of our suite of plugins for LearnDash and LifterLMS. For each plugin, we offer dedicated courses that explain their functionalities and optimal use cases in a clear and practical manner. We are continuing to add LearnDash courses on a regular basis to further expand our offerings and give users the tools to create great LMS courses.

Access our Block Styles Design Suite

Enhance Learner Engagement with Block Styles

Our Block Styles design suite is your secret weapon for creating visually stunning courses with the WordPress Gutenberg editor. With a vast selection of design elements at your disposal, crafting beautiful and engaging course layouts becomes a breeze. Thereby, improving learner engagement and completion rates.

What You Get with Block Styles

Block Styles Plugin

Block Styles is the ultimate design solution for the WordPress Gutenberg block editor. With over 170 fully responsive block-level design controls, including device-specific controls, layout & visibility settings, backgrounds, typography, borders, effects, and more, Block Styles transforms Gutenberg into a true page builder. If you can do it with CSS, you can do it with Block Styles.

Dynamic Content for WordPress

Dynamic Content is your solution to quickly replacing text with data, giving you the ability to put together WordPress pages and posts quickly. You can easily select metadata from custom fields and insert it directly onto the page. Our plugin also is fully integrated with popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and Advanced Custom Fields.

Gesso Theme

Gesso is the last WordPress full-site editing theme you will ever need. It acts as a blank canvas to give you full creative control and leverage the Gutenberg block editor. Aspects such as colors, typography, and page layout are in your control, allowing your vision to come to life.

Styles Library

Styles Library is your secret weapon for putting together a WordPress site in less time. Our starter block patterns and full-page templates give you a running start to creating a visually-engaging WordPress LMS site. Create, manage, and import/export your own WordPress block patterns, as well as access our pattern library.

Missing Menu Items

Missing Menu Items is a simple WordPress plugin that adds links under the Appearance tab in your WordPress admin area. Links such as Reusable Blocks, Navigation Menus, Templates, and Template Parts are easy to find with this useful tool.

Beta Releases of Unreleased Plugins

Our $99 membership offers early access to beta releases of our unreleased plugins, providing you with a sneak peek into the future of LMS enhancement. Explore and integrate these features before they hit the mainstream. This unique opportunity allows you to explore and incorporate new features before they become common.

Our beta releases offer a glimpse into the exciting new features under development. This preview lets you strategize and adapt, ensuring your LMS platform stays ahead of industry trends.


Celebrating 20 Years of WordPress and New Integrations with LifterLMS

Our $99 membership is a toast to WordPress’s 20th anniversary and our recent plugin integrations with LifterLMS. Together, we aim to continue driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of eLearning possibilities.

An Honors WP Membership is the Powerhouse for Your LMS

The Honors WP membership is more than just a $99 offer—it’s a comprehensive toolkit for your eLearning success. Packed with premium WordPress plugins, Elementor site templates, LearnDash certificates, and more, it’s an investment in your LMS future.

Join us in this celebration of WordPress’s 20th anniversary and our plugin integrations with LifterLMS and enroll in an Honors membership today.

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