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How to Import LearnDash Courses, Content, & Users

Be sure to add your new site to your Honors WP Dashboard. To do this, go to your Purchase History > View Licenses > Manage Sites, then add your new site.

When you import your LearnDash content you must be uploading a zip file. If in the previous step the zip didn’t generate and instead you downloaded a folder, you’ll need to zip that before uploading. 

Once you have your zip file go to your wp-admin > LearnDash LMS > Import Export > Import

Uploading the Exported Zip File #

Before importing, check again that you have the latest version of the Import & Export Tool for LearnDash installed on your import site, and be sure you’ve made a backup of your site & allow file writing permissions.

You will also want to be sure your server settings are set to a minimum of:

  • post_max_size 256MB
  • upload_max_filesize 256MB
  • Memory limit 512MB

Select the zip folder you just exported.

Before selecting Import, please read the following instructions carefully.

The importer uses something called an action scheduler where the tasks are processed in the background. While slower to process than other options, this ensures the content doesn’t time out when importing. 

Because of this, you may think the importer is stuck. Don’t worry, it isn’t. If there is an error or the importer is stuck you’ll see a specific error message and then can reach out to our support team for assistance. 

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash import menu.

Optimize for Server #

Our import process allows you to adjust the import process to prevent time-out errors.

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash optimize for server setting.

When selecting the Slow Run option, you must choose how slow you would like to process to run. The lower the batch, the slower the import process. Our recommendation for this setting is 10.

Change Importing User Roles #

Before importing, you are also given the option to change an importing user role to a subscriber.

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash change importing user roles option.

Be advised that not checking any boxes will result in all user roles being imported as is and changing the user role will also result in author access to LearnDash-related contents will bee changed as well.

Importing your Export File #

So how long will it take to import? This depends on the amount of content you are importing and your server specifications. In general, a single course could take a few minutes and all your courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, etc could take hours depending on the number of them. 

When you start the import, your screen will look like this:

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash file uploading screenshot.

Notice how it says 0 of 0 files? This is because the import is pending and analyzing the zip you’ve uploaded. 

Once the zip has been analyzed it’ll show the actual number of files:

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash file upload in progress.

The next step in the process is for the importer to actually import your content into the site which will update the status to completed:

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash file uploading completion process.

As you can see from the above screenshot, the status of the file is now completed. 

In some instances, depending on the chunk size for some of the items, you’ll have multiple files. If you click on “Show More Details”, you’ll be able to see all those files like this:

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash show more details feature.

The final stage in the import process is mapping the content. This is one of the slower processes of the import so don’t worry if it appears “hung”, as it’ll be going through making sure the content is associated correctly. 

Once everything is complete you should all green “Completed” next to each step and be able to check out your newly imported content!

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash all files completed step.

When using Elementor and your import site URL did not change:

Follow the steps outlined in this Elementor article

  1. Go to Elementor > Tools > Replace URL Tab
  2. Enter your old-url and your new-url and click Replace URL
  3. Under the General Tab > Regenerate CSS, click Regenerate Files
  4. In Settings > General on your WordPress Dashboard, make sure that the URLs are similar.

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash Walkthrough #

Reset LearnDash Data #

Please be aware of the reset tab. Selecting “Reset” will wipe all LearnDash data and is not reversible. Always be sure to back up your LearnDash site before exporting/importing.

Import & Export Tool for LearnDash reset data tab.

11 thoughts on “How to Import LearnDash Courses, Content, & Users”

  1. Hi, We need to import an existing LearnDash to a new site build but when trying to use something like Migrate DB Pro, it overwrites all the new pages and design work that was stored in the posts and postmeta tables. Will this plugin preserve the new post and postmeta data and just add the LD data to the new site? It’s important we migrate current user data/accounts so a simple import/export won’t work.

    1. Hello,

      Our development team is currently working on an updated release where the user metadata can be exported and imported from two different LearnDash installs. The update will be available soon.

  2. what happens with payment integrations when using the import/export.

    We needed to launch the first of three modules of a course on one site and now we want to move it to what will be the main site from now on, to then add the second and third modules. Users are subscribed for 6 monthly payments with stripe, does this come across as part of the import/export functionality

  3. Seems like I used to be able to import a zip from the lesson. Either I can no longer do this because of changes in LearnDash, or I need another plug-in? Can I still import a zip from a lesson?

    1. Hello John,

      If you are looking to import lessons, our plugin can accomplish that. If you go to the Export menu on our plugin, you could select Lessons, export it to a zip file, then import the lesson zip file to your new LearnDash site.

  4. Hello, while importing a single course (the ZIP file size is 2.830 KB) we receive the error below:
    Error: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini

    What is the size limit for importing?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Ezgi,

      Here is what we recommend for file size limits. More than this is better 🙂

      post_max_size 265MB
      upload_max_filesize 256MB
      Memory limit 512MB

      If you continue to experience issues, please submit a support ticket. Thank you.

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