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Getting Emails to Send with WordPress

Sending Emails with WordPress and LearnDash

Our next LearnDash training webinar will be all about sending WordPress emails. We will cover cool ways to leverage your communication with your students. We will also make sure your learning management system is successfully sending an email from a LearnDash trigger, from form plugins, and from the core WordPress system. As we review use-case examples of configurations, we will share tips and tricks along the way.

The Importance of Emails and Your LearnDash Course

Technology is always advancing the way we live. Therefore, social media platforms have evolved, and pictures, video, and the internet as a whole have made leaps in technological advancements. It has been a staple of the internet since the technological boom of the late 1990s. Conclusively, when it comes to marketing, electronic mail remains at the top.

Here is What We Will Cover:

  • Benefits of Touch-Point Emails
  • Review the LearnDash Notifications Plugin
  • Tips and Ideas 
  • Review Common WordPress Email Issues & How to Fix Them
  • Examples Use-Cases

Walkthrough Video

Below is a walkthrough demo:

Link to Slide Presentation

Disclaimer: Videos featured were created and presented by James Tryon on behalf of LearnDash.

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