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Multilingual Options for WordPress and LearnDash

Have you ever wanted to sell access to your courses in different languages? How about translating your whole site? How about translating the admin of your site? We will cover all this and more in this multilingual options webinar. 

There are many reasons you should consider offering multilingual options for your LearnDash site. Translating your site enables you to offer your courses to new markets. As a result, you don’t box yourself in, limiting your course offerings to only one language. If you only speak one language, that’s no problem, Hubspot gives a list of the top translation plugins for multilingual WordPress sites.

Come hang out, bring your questions, and let’s talk multilingual! The presentation will be about 45 minutes, and the audience Q&A welcome. Are you looking for more help with multilingual settings? Post in our forums!

Multilingual options when translating your LearnDash site.

What Will Be Covered

  • Overview of how WordPress translations.  
  • Common options for handling multilingual
  • Pros and cons of each approach
  • Overview of updating translations
  • Audience Q&A

Walkthrough Video of Multilingual Options

Below is a demo of how WordPress multilingual options with LearnDash:

Link to Slide Presentation

Disclaimer: Videos featured were created and presented by James Tryon on behalf of LearnDash.

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