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Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash Updates

Our development team at Honors WP has updated our Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash 1.3.0 to include several enhanced features and plugin fixes.

Feature Enhancements

Our updated LearnDash discount plugin allows users more control over coupon distribution and restricts coupons using various settings.

New Coupon & Discount Plugin Restriction Options

On a User Level

Those selling LearnDash courses can now restrict coupons on a per-user basis. Simply toggle the Usage Restriction Option and input the LearnDash users you wish to restrict. As a result, LearnDash coupons will only appear to users not excluded in the settings.

Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash 1.3.0 addition of coupon restriction per user.

On a Course Level

Another restriction added to our coupon plugin is the ability to restrict LearnDash coupons on a per-course level. Control the setting is done the same as adding a user restriction.

Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash 1.3.0 course restriction feature.

Apply Coupon Codes Within a Specified Time Limit

Thirdly, the development team has added the function to restrict LearnDash coupons within a specified start date and end date.

Redeem LearnDash Coupons Through URL

Do you want your users to be able to apply LearnDash coupon codes right in the URL? Our Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash 1.3.0 makes it easy for users to apply coupons right from their search bar.

In the browser search bar, input Coupon = [name of coupon] at the end of the URL.

The page should refresh and there will be a message that reads “Coupon applied. Please refresh this page to access your course”. As a result, the coupon will be applied to the LearnDash course.

Visit the plugin’s documentation to learn how to best leverage these features.

Other Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash Updates

Our team has implemented a couple of fixes to the plugin to improve functionality and user experience.

These fixes include:

  • Improved
    • UI when using coupons through a link
    • Coding standards and tightened security
  • Fixed
    • Coupon input not showing for certain users
    • 100% or full price coupons not enrolling users
    • Coupon usage not updating
    • PHP warnings and notices

View the Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash changelog.

Future Developments

Our development team is working toward implementing new features including importing multiple coupon codes. Additionally, we are planning to extend usage beyond Stripe and PayPal.

Looking for more features? Visit our Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash forum to view all feature requests and future developments. Become an Honors WP member to request features and receive beta access to unreleased features & plugins.

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