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Offering Coupons and Discounts this Holiday Season

Black Friday is fast approaching and many eCommerce outlets will be offering special deals and discounts. There are numerous benefits to offering coupons and discounts on your LearnDash site. A great time to offer special promotions and limited-time discounts is the holiday season. This Black Friday is projected to bring in around $17 billion and Cyber Monday is projected to bring in over $11 billion according to

Offering coupons and discounts give the customer the sense they’re receiving a deal. Making the promotion a limited-time offer promotes a sense of urgency the customer should act before it’s too late. Big Commerce states 63% of shoppers want coupons to be more available, showing the importance of giving incentives to potential customers.

Benefits of offering coupons and discounts on Black Friday.

How to Use Our Coupons & Discounts Plugin for LearnDash

A great way to entice shoppers with your LearnDash courses is by offering them a special discount or coupon code. Utilizing our Coupons for LearnDash plugin, easily allows you to offer limited-time discounts. The benefits of offering special coupons to your LearnDash site can greatly increase your chances of your courses being bought.

Adding a New Coupon

In your WordPress admin area, navigate to LearnDash LMS > Coupons. Then click Add New Coupon to add a discount to your LearnDash site.

WordPress admin area for adding LearnDash coupons.

Next, give your coupon a title. The title of your coupon will be what buyers will input to receive their discount.

Add new coupon screenshot for LearnDash.

You can also add excerpts to your coupon, for example, “Black Friday Deal” if you are offering coupons for Black Friday.

Custom field options and benefits for offering coupons for LearnDash.

Easily set the coupon settings by inputting a value (e.g. 15), a coupon type, and a limit to how many coupons can be applied. If you do not set a coupon limit, the usage will be limitless.

Coupons for LearnDash settings.

Upon saving your coupon, the Custom Fields will auto-populate if you do not add any additional custom metadata.

Custom Fields for offering coupons for LearnDash.

Using the Coupon Code

Once you have saved your coupon, buyers can now apply the coupon before taking your course.

Benefits of offering coupons for LearnDash frontend course view.

Features Coming Soon

Our Honors WP team is constantly improving our plugins and other offerings.

The development team is currently working on adding new robust features to the Coupons for LearnDash plugin including:

  • Apply coupons via URL
  • Hiding the coupon code input
  • Limiting coupons to not work on some courses or groups
  • Time limits on a coupon’s validation
  • User-level restriction
  • Date restriction

Want More Features? Enroll in an Honors WP Membership

Enroll in an Honors WP membership and unlock more features to further customize your buyer’s experience.

Sales Tax Plugin for LearnDash

Need to add sales tax to your LearnDash course(s)? Our Sales Tax plugin automatically adds sales tax to your LearnDash course(s) based on a country code and the tax rate you input. The coupon function will still work as normal, but now incorporates sales tax.

Added sales tax plugin when applying coupons for LearnDash.
The same course as above but now with an added 12% sales tax rate.

Unique User Content for LearnDash

An Honors WP membership also grants you access to our exclusive Unique User Content plugin. This is our recommended method of using the Coupons for LearnDash plugin. Using this plugin allows you to restrict content to an individual user, course, or group. You can also assign content to multiple users.

This plugin is only available for Honors WP members.

Let’s say you want to offer a coupon to an exclusive download if they purchase one of your LearnDash courses.

You would simply add the unique user content with the discount code incorporated into the content page. After that, you just need to assign the unique piece of content to the course/group/user you wish to offer the discount.

After adding your coupon code to the unique user content tab, it should appear below for users to access!

Unqiue user content for LearnDash plugin integrated with the Coupons for LearnDash plugin.

Have more questions regarding our Coupons for LearnDash plugin or our membership offerings? Feel free to contact us!

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