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Creating LearnDash Certificates

Creating a LearnDash Certificate

Did you know you can create LearnDash certificates and award them to your learners? Your certifications can look however you would like and they are generated dynamically too!

Creating LearnDash Certificates presentation.

Benefits of Awarding LearnDash Certificates

Firstly, online education is becoming increasingly popular among educators and students. When you take a course at a university or other program, as a result, you receive a certificate of some kind. Therefore, completing an online course should be no different.

Offering certificates of competition sets your LearnDash course(s) apart by offering official validation of your course content. It also acts as a motivation tool for learners. Additionally, creating LearnDash certificates is a simple process, requiring only a few steps to create a stunning certificate design.

What Will Be Covered

  • The benefits of certificates
  • How certifications work in LearnDash
  • Creating certifications
  • Assigning certificates
  • Useful tips 
  • Live demo & audience Q&A

Walkthrough Video

Below is a demo of creating a LearnDash certificate:

Disclaimer: Videos featured created and presented by James Tryon on behalf of LearnDash.

Free Certificates with an Honors WP Membership

Are you looking for pre-made LearnDash certificates designed by professional designers? Then, enroll in an Honors WP membership to unlock our catalog of free LearnDash certificate templates.

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