What’s New in LearnDash 3.2

We have spent several past webinars talking about memberships, and with the release of LearnDash 3.2, it’s time we tossed our hat in the ring! That’s right: LearnDash now has built-in membership capabilities. You can create levels, sub-levels, sell access, award group certificates, and more!

LearnDash groups discussing.

What Will Be Covered with LearnDash Groups

  • Membership capabilities
  • Create levels and sublevels
  • Sell access
  • Award LearnDash group certificates
  • Useful tips and more 
  • Live demo & audience Q&A

Walkthrough Video

Below is a demo covering what’s new in LearnDash 3.2:

Disclaimer: Videos featured were created and presented by James Tryon on behalf of LearnDash.

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