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After you’ve created a coupon for LearnDash, you can supply users with the coupon(s) by using our Unique User Content plugin or manually give them the discount code.

Options for Distributing Coupons #

Use our Unique Content Plugin #

We recommend using our Unique User Content plugin to add the coupon/discount code.

Using this plugin allows you to restrict content to an individual user, course, or group. You can also assign content to multiple users.

Example: You want to offer users an exclusive download to your e-book through a coupon if they purchase a course. You would execute this by:

  • Add New Unique User Content (built with Block Editor/Gutenberg) and add your discount code to the content page.
Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash using the Unique User Content for LearnDash.
  • Assign this unique piece of content to the course where you wish to offer the discount.
Using the Unique User Content for LearnDash with the Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash plugin.
In this case, you would add the course you wish to assign the content to under Associated Courses

View the plugin’s documentation for more information. This plugin and the Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash plugin provide a powerful duo to enhance your LearnDash website.

Segmented Newsletter or Direct Email #

Another option you could utilize is sending a segmented newsletter or email where only those you wish to send the discount code to will receive it. Create a new newsletter/email and include a small message along with the discount code. You can utilize a third-party plugin to add users to the email or you can add them manually.

Other Options for Distributing Coupons #

  • Give the discount code out during a live course
  • Include the discount code in an order confirmation email

*Remember* you can also set time limits on how many times a coupon/discount code can be redeemed in the Coupons’ settings.

2 thoughts on “How to Distribute Coupons”

  1. Hey!

    Bought your Coupon plugin for Learndash. You show how to create a coupon. But then when you want to get it out, you just write how to do it if you buy another plugin. I want to know how I can send a coupon with a discount to those I want, without buying any more plug-in.

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