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Events Calendar for LearnDash 2.3.0

Events Calendar for LearnDash Updates

The Honors WP team is excited to share we have implemented new features in version 2.3.0 of our Events Calendar for LearnDash plugin that we’re thrilled to share.

Feature Enhancements

Google Calendar and Outlook Integration

A major function our team has worked to re-implement is adding a single event to Google Calendar and to Outlook. Users can add an event to their LearnDash calendar, then easily sync the event with their Google or Outlook Calendar.

Those who utilize iCal are able to download a file from their LearnDash calendar as well. Therefore, giving the user more options to keep up to date on LearnDash events.

LearnDash calendar plugin export to Google Calendar and Outlook.

List View Controls and Localized LearnDash Calendar Controls

List view controls have been added to the plugin, along with localization for calendar controls. As a result, LearnDash users are able to view their calendar in the easiest view for them.

Additionally, users can now view LearnDash events from six different view controls including:

  • Monthly view
  • List month
  • Weekly view
  • List week
  • Daily view
  • List day
Calendar for LearnDash pluign list month view.

Limit Number of LearnDash Events Shown

Do you need to limit the number of LearnDash events shown on your calendar? This is now easily accomplished by using our new filter. Add the filter to your site and limit the number of LearnDash events shown on the calendar. Then sit back and enjoy a streamlined, uncluttered calendar view.

Other Events Calendar for LearnDash Updates

Our development team has also been working to fix current issues experienced by customers.

These fixes include:

  • Loading assets on non-calendar pages
  • Showing escaped HTML characters in event titles on the Calendar
  • Load order of JavaScript dependencies to prevent fatal error
  • Showing events created by admins on the Calendar
  • Call to deprecated LearnDash function
  • Improved coding standards and tightened security
  • Updated third-party dependencies

View the full Events Calendar for LearnDash changelog.

Future LearnDash Calendar Developments

The Honors WP development team is also working on future enhancements for the LearnDash events plugin. These features include the ability to add repeating LearnDash calendar events, as well as more customization options, such as date format.

Additionally, we are looking ahead to including a number of integrations with our Events Calendar for LearnDash including WooCommerce, iCloud Calendar, LearnDash Group Zoom, and others.

Looking for more features? Visit our Events Calendar for LearnDash forum to view all feature requests and future developments. Become an Honors WP member to request features and receive beta access to unreleased features & plugins.

Interested in purchasing the Events Calendar for LearnDash plugin? Click here to view more information and pricing options.

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