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Honors WP Plugin Updates – Jan 2022

Changes to Honors WP

Our development team has been working hard to improve our LMS plugins and other offerings. We have just finished a large round of plugin updates including several feature enhancements, bug fixes, and general housekeeping.

We want our products to be to current coding standards and best practices, and with that comes things like standardized naming, consolidating what libraries we are using, and adding more hooks and filters for later.

Naming Adjustments

One of the side effects of acquiring established assets and building our own original products is aligning them all under the same naming conventions. Two quick examples would be making sure no plugins start with the word LearnDash or WordPress and making sure all folder names are lowercase.

Another side effect of these adjustments concerns auto-updates. The auto-update feature should still work, but your plugin page might display an error after the update.

“Plugin deactivated due to an error; plugin file does not exist”

Don’t panic, this is expected. The error is generated because the plugin’s name and folder changed. All you have to do is make sure the old version is turned off and the new plugin(s) is turned on. Once you have tested it and everything works, feel free to delete the old version. In some cases, you might need to reenter your license key or redefine some of your settings.

Updated Honors WP Plugins

While we’ve updated many of our plugins, we have listed changelogs below for three of the plugins with the biggest changes.

Events Calendar for LearnDash Updates

  • Enhancement: Added list view controls to Calendar
  • Enhancement: Added localization for Calendar controls
  • Enhancement: Added functionality to add a single event to Google Calendar
  • Enhancement: Added functionality to add a single event to Outlook
  • Enhancement: Added a limit to the number of events shown on the Calendar
  • Enhancement: Added option to download an iCal file for the Calendar
  • Fixed loading assets on non-calendar pages
  • Fixed load order of JavaScript dependencies to prevent fatal error
  • Fixed showing escaped HTML characters in event titles on the Calendar
  • Fixed Calendar feed
  • Fixed showing events created by admins on the Calendar
  • Fixed logic to edit events on the Calendar
  • Fixed call to deprecated LearnDash function
  • Improved coding standards and tightened security
  • Updated third-party dependencies

View the Events Calendar for LearnDash changelog here.

Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash Updates

  • Enhancement: Added option to restrict coupons on a user level
  • Enhancement: Added option to restrict coupons on a course level
  • Enhancement: Added option to restrict coupons with a time limit
  • Improved UI when using coupons through a link
  • Improved coding standards and tightened security
  • Fixed coupon input not showing for certain users
  • Fixed 100% or full price coupons not enrolling users
  • Fixed coupon usage not updating
  • Fixed PHP warnings and notices

View the Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash changelog here.

PowerPack for LearnDash Updates

  • Enhancement: Added “Delete Settings” button to input fields
  • Enhancement: Improved error messaging if a setting wasn’t saved
  • Fixed certificate shortcode link to open in new window disables certificate button in block and shortcode
  • Fixed details link missing from the user profile page
  • Fixed “Restrict Access to Certificates” setting
  • Deprecated: Functions and filters without adequate prefixes
  • Removed deprecated snippets
  • Improved coding standards and security

View the PowerPack for LearnDash changelog here.

Flashcards for WordPress Updates

  • Enhancement: Added the ability to select the number of cards shown when using shortcode and Block
  • Fixed Block dropdown list
  • Fixed PHP warnings
  • Fixed deprecated WordPress filter
  • Renamed plugin

View the Flashcards for WordPress changelog here.

Course Seats for LearnDash Updates

  • Enhancement: Added internationalization
  • Enhancement: Added shortcodes
  • Fixed conflict with Yoast SEO
  • Fixed PHP warnings
  • Renamed plugin folder. You will need to reactivate the plugin after the update.

View the Course Seats for LearnDash changelog here.

Course Reviews for LearnDash Updates

  • Add missing assets
  • Remove Immerseus Upgrader
  • Renamed folder

View the Course Reviews for LearnDash changelog here.

Unique User Content for LearnDash Updates

  • Enhancement: Added filter to access the unique user content post-type menu
  • Fixed HTML output of shortcodes
  • Fixed Javascript Syntax Error
  • Updated licensing
  • Updated and included select2
  • Renamed plugin folder

View the Unique User Content for LearnDash changelog here.

Faculty & Staff Showcase Updates

  • Updated licensing
  • Fixed persistent update notice

View the Faculty & Staff changelog here.

Departments & Accolades Updates

  • Updated licensing
  • Fixed persistent update notice
  • Renamed folder

View the Departments & Accolades changelog here.

Sales Tax for LearnDash Updates

  • Renamed plugin folder. You will have to re-activate the plugin after the update.
  • Fixed Stripe error: Price with taxes has to be an integer
  • Improved UI/UX: Allow 4 decimals when entering tax rates

View the Sales Tax for LearnDash changelog here.

New Plugin Names

  • Advanced Access for LearnDash & WooCommerce is now Course Extensions for LearnDash
  • Block Styles for Gutenberg is now Block Styles
  • Bulk Editor for LearnDash is now Bulk Action for LearnDash
  • Course Archiver for LearnDash is now Course Visibility for LearnDash
  • Coupons for LearnDash is now Coupons & Discounts for LearnDash
  • Dynamic Content for Gutenberg is now Dynamic Content
  • Front-End Course Builder for LearnDash is now Front-End Course Creator for LearnDash
  • Private Messaging for LearnDash is now Messaging for LearnDash

View our full plugin catalog.

Timeline for Updates

All updates are ready but it takes some time to package everything up, update the readmes & supporting documents, and then push out the update(s). Expect to see rolling updates anytime between Jan 20th – Jan 27th.

We Are Here for You

Please test all updates (regardless of who they are from) in a staging environment first, every time, and make sure you have backups. Remember, you might need to turn on the updated version plugin after the update, and as part of your membership you can reach out to our support team if you run into any issues.

We hope you enjoy all our hard work. Let us know what features you would like to see in the future in the comments below.


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