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PowerPack for LearnDash 1.3.0

PowerPack for LearnDash Updates

Our PowerPack for LearnDash plugin 1.3.0 has received a few updates we’d like to share with the LearnDash and WordPress community.

The PowerPack for LearnDash plugin is a free add-on for LearnDash, that offers 42 modules.

Some of the modules included in this plugin are:

  • Custom content to the single course template output.
  • All-access to previously completed course
  • Unlimited quiz attempts
  • Autocomplete course lessons and topics
  • Bypass WooCommerce background enrolment so save cron hassle!
  • Certificate shortcode link to open in a new window
  • Focus mode reply title in comments
  • Change the text of the Stripe/credit card purchase button text
  • Set course grid custom button text
  • Disable Course Progression
  • And more!
PowerPack for LearnDash 1.3.0 updates WordPress backend view.

Feature Enhancements

Firstly, the Honors WP development team added a new “Delete Settings” button to input fields. Secondly, our team improved the error message which shows if a setting wasn’t saved.

Finally, we removed all deprecated or acquired functionality from the current version of PowerPack (8 features removed).

Other PowerPack for LearnDash Updates

The “Restrict Access to Certificates” setting is fixed as well as the certificate shortcode link. Additionally, the details link from a user’s profile page is also fixed.

Additional fixes include:

  • Deprecated: Functions and filters without adequate prefixes
  • Removed deprecated snippets
  • Improved coding standards and security
  • Add Honors WP licensing, fix gettext filter bug

View the PowerPack for LearnDash changelog.

Interested in downloading the PowerPack for LearnDash 1.3.0 plugin? Click here to view more information about this plugin and our other offerings.

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