Immerseus is now part of the Honors WP Family - Honors WP

Immerseus is now part of the Honors WP Family

We are pleased to finally announce the full acquisition of Immerseus. We wanted to keep things running smoothly as we continued to develop more of our core offerings for our Honors WP members.

Honors WP, an eLearning community & WordPress marketplace, acquires Immerseus to expand its LearnDash offerings.

This acquisition allows us to offer more to our members up-front as we both continue to develop bigger and better offerings for our memberships. This merger allows us to design and develop fully functioning templates that support and integrate with Immerseus’ useful plugins like Coupons & Discounts, Course Reviews & Ratings, Course Seats, Related Courses, and more.

Our investment will help our members sell their course(s) and deliver an overall better user experience for their students. As a result, members can focus on their courses, not their site.

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Who is Immerseus?

Even if you don’t know what Immerseus is, you might have heard the name Jack Kitterhing. Jack is the current Product Manager of LearnDash and co-founder of Immerseus, a plugin and custom development company specializing in eLearning plugins for LearnDash. Probably best known for their PowerPack for LearnDash, Parent Student Passes, and the Import/Export for LearnDash plugins among so many other great offerings.

Our History

Easily Amused and Immerseus have worked together for over a year on both custom client development work and directly for the LearnDash team. We have been sharing project boards, Github Repos, and Slack channels to manage all our custom work, current plugin support, and upcoming new and exciting projects!

Immerseus Acquisition

Easily Amused, the parent company of Honors WP acquired the entire business and brand of Immerseus, released & unreleased plugins, all custom development created under the Immerseus brand and all the current customers are also now part of the Honors WP family. All team members of Immerseus are staying on with Jack’s team to focus on their next venture. 

Below is a list of the plugins that are currently released and will now be maintained, developed, and supported by Honors WP:

Unreleased Plugins

Along with the rest of the listed plugins, this acquisition of Immerseus also includes a handful of unreleased plugins that we will be reviewing and wrapping up development on over the next couple of months.  Make sure to signup for our newsletter to stay up to date. Members get early access to all new plugins.

What about the member benefits & support?

Let’s start with support. We are requesting all members report issues via the Honors’ support system for bug tracking and enhancement requests.

All Honors members gain access to all the ​​acquired Immerseus plugins.

All Immerseus acquisition customers who have purchased the All-In-One bundle now gain full membership access to’s plugins, templates, block patterns (coming soon), courses (coming soon), and our growing community forums until their renewal date. 

We encourage you to sign up now and lock in our beta rates today!

What’s next?

Since the Immerseus acquistion we’ve been catching up on Immerseus’ backlog of support, updating all the current documentation, and moving off Gumroad and over to Honors WP, leveraging Easy Digital Downloads as our new licensing system. (90% done)

Next, would be a round of housekeeping for bug fixes and any security issues. (70% done)

After that, we have a round of basic feature enhancements based on extending what is already in place, adding additional settings, and adding shortcode support where it’s missing.

We have already started planning some big refactoring and much-needed enhancements for all the plugins. But for a more direct answer, we are adding user meta support to our Import Export tool, and finally launching our Front-End Course editor by the end of the year.

We’re building backlog lists of feature enhancements for all our plugins but would really like to hear from our users so that we can start by building out things that you would like most.


We really appreciate what Immerseus has done for the LearnDash community and we’re excited to pick up where they left off and take all their plugins to the next level; with a full team dedicated to the future of LearnDash, WordPress, and our members new and old.

James Tryon

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