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Achievements and Gamification with LearnDash

LearnDash Achievements and Gamification

This Thursday, we will be showcasing the LearnDash Achievements plugin. We will review and set up the add-on. Set up some achievements, extend your user profile, and examine why you might want to leverage gamification with your learners.

Gamification is an integral part of any LMS course. The addition of gamification features in your course(s) can drastically increase engagement and help course completion rates for your users. Simply put, gamification is inclusive gaming elements into ordinary learning material. These gaming elements can include things such as points, badges, or leaderboards.

What Will be Covered

  • What gamification is
  • The benefits of using gamification
  • How you can leverage gamification in your LearnDash course(s)
  • Set up the new Achievements Add-on
  • Adding achievements
  • Extending the user profile
  • Audience Q & A

Walkthrough Video

Below is a demo of setting up achievements & gamification for LearnDash.

Link to Slide Presentation

You can find more LearnDash and LMS solutions at our plugin page or inquire about an Honors WP membership.

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