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5 Important LMS Trends to Watch in 2022

The Rise of Online Education

Online education has experienced rapid growth over the past several years. The ongoing struggles of covid-19 have forced many businesses and educational institutions to reform how they operate. Online training and education have replaced traditional learning methods. The Global eLearning Market is estimated to reach 374.3 Billion USD by 2026 according to Facts & Factors. As a result, learning management systems have widely grown in popularity for their robust functionality. We’ve compiled a list of important LMS trends to watch in 2022 and how our products can help you stay on top of them.

Learning management system trends last year saw growth in aspects including soft skills and blended learning. The growth in LMS options also prompted the public to ask what platform is best for them, SaaS or WordPress LMS? We take a look at what trends in the LMS community you should look out for below.

Person studying important LMS trends to watch in 2022.

Features That Save Time and Money

Businesses are constantly looking for the maximum ROI on their investment. As a result, LMS course creators are continuously in need of tools to ensure their learning management system is running smoothly. As of 2021, 43% of websites are built using WordPress, with LearnDash being the most popular LMS plugin. Websites use WordPress because it offers integrations with robust plugins. Therefore, maximizing their return on investment.

Those using learning management systems such as LearnDash know the benefits it offers. However, powerful LMS plugins can have their limitations as well. For example, migrating content from your old site to your new site can be a tedious task. If you are using a WordPress LMS plugin like LearnDash, your only viable option is manually exporting and importing your content. Solutions such as our Import & Export Tool for LearnDash save your hours of work so you can get back to managing your site.

Learner Engagement

The major upside to in-person learning was learners could actively engage with each other. Online learning created a barrier, resulting in active participation and discussions being extremely limited. As a result, many educators stuck with traditional in-person learning. Now, with many institutions opting to remain remote, those who were skeptical must adapt to an online active learning environment.

Student engagement will be an important trend to watch in 2022.

Creating an active learning environment doesn’t have to be difficult. We offer solutions like the Private Messaging for LearnDash plugin, where students can interact with their teachers and fellow students. As a result, students and staff can easily chat with one another or in groups to facilitate active learning.

Personalization of Your LMS

Customization options are a must-have when managing online courses. Learners thrive under a personalized learning experience because they are able to apply their knowledge quicker. The adoption of a personalized approach to online learning is an important LMS trend to watch for in 2022.

Making learning more personal, relatable and easier to access within the flow of work transforms it into something more impactful and sustainable.

Excerpt from eLearning Industry‘s “Personalized Learning At Scale: Building The Corporate Brain”

Many businesses and educational institutions praise WordPress and LearnDash for their customization options. Creators can leverage our Block Styles for Gutenberg to further create a unique, customized experience for learners. It is important to have your course content stand out and break away from the old-fashioned online learning model.

Security and Monitoring of LMS Learners

Online security is just as important as your website’s speed. Businesses and educational institutions will be prioritizing security to ensure their content and sensitive data are secure. LearnDash and other cloud-based learning management systems are hosted on more secure platforms with better encryption. Their popularity and reputation have grown as a result.

Greatly impacted by the pandemic were young students. The onset of the coronavirus resulted in an abrupt transition to online learning with little time to prepare. Online security has experienced numerous advancements, however, parents still want to know their children are safe on the internet. Parents of students want the ability to monitor reports and know their information is safe. Plugins like our Parent & Student Access for LearnDash allow parents to monitor their child’s reports. Parents can feel at ease with the knowledge their student’s information is kept private.

Gamification and Certification

Gamification is rapidly growing in popularity. Therefore, more learning management systems are implementing gamification in their courses and content. The process consists of gaming and thought techniques used in non-entertainment settings. Incorporating gamification techniques such as flashcards or a course countdown timer results in increased productivity and engagement.

Honors WP certificate in conjuction with certification being an important LMS trend to watch in 2022.

When you complete a class in school or complete a training course, you receive a certificate. Learners who complete an online course should be presented with a certificate as well. Online certification gives validation to your course and motivates learners toward a goal. Enrolling in an Honors WP membership grants you access to a catalog of free LearnDash certificates to present to learners.

The Future of Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems aren’t going anywhere. WordPress and LMS plugins such as LearnDash will be used by more businesses and educational institutions. Educational institutions have resumed in-person classes, however, the adaption of blended learning is here to stay. Businesses will continue to shift employee training to online using robust LMS platforms.

As the popularity of learning management systems grows, platforms like LearnDash will continue to innovate and enhance functionality. Browse our catalog of premium WordPress plugins to discover how to power up your LearnDash site and craft beautiful online courses.

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