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Display Earned LearnDash Certificates

Display LearnDash Certificate History

Designed to elevate the LearnDash experience, the Certificate Archive for LearnDash not only facilitates the display and archiving of earned LearnDash certificates; but also introduces a plethora of unparalleled features. From embedding a simple shortcode to display earned LearnDash certificates on any WordPress page or post to the distinction between course and quiz certificates, and its capabilities with both legacy and contemporary LearnDash certificate builders, the plugin allows LearnDash course creators to easily display their learners’ earned LearnDash certificates.

Understanding the Importance of Archiving LearnDash Certificates

LearnDash certificates play an important role in LearnDash courses, acting as markers of accomplishment and mastery. From a user experience standpoint, these certificates solidify trust, offering learners a visual testament to their learning.

In an age where digital certifications hold significant weight, archiving LearnDash certificates has emerged as an important necessity. Archives provide students with a consolidated repository of their learning journey, ensuring that no accomplishment goes unnoticed or forgotten.

For example, say you need to renew your credentials yearly. If you reset the LearnDash course progress, the certificate is lost. Our plugin resolves this issue, allowing all earned LearnDash certificates to be archived in one location.

Key Features of the Certificate Archive for LearnDash Plugin

Shortcode Support

The Certificate Archive for LearnDash plugin allows course creators to easily embed a shortcode to display all LearnDash certificates earned by a user on any WordPress page or post.

Inputting the Certificate Archive shortcode allows the logged-in user to view all the LearnDash certificates they’ve earned, regardless if their LearnDash course progress has been reset or course access has expired.

Certificate Archive for LearnDash shortcode being applied to a WordPress page.
Certificate Archive for LearnDash rendering earned LearnDash certificates on a WordPress page.

LearnDash Course & Quiz Certificates

LearnDash offers certificates for both the completion of LearnDash courses and the completion of LearnDash quizzes.

The Certificate Archive for LearnDash displays both course and quiz certificates so learners never have to guess what LearnDash certificates they’ve earned, from what courses, and when.

Seamless Integration

Integration can often be a trying process, with compatibility issues and other troubles. However, our plugin demonstrates the ability to work with both the legacy LearnDash certificate builder and the new LearnDash certificate builder add-on.

LearnDash Certificate Archiving: A Streamlined Process

The moment a LearnDash course culminates, our plugin displays the availability of the certificate. This automation removes the need for manual checks, ensuring the correct LearnDash certificates appear.

On the off chance that a student completes a quiz, the plugin checks for an associated certificate. If one exists, it promptly adds it to the user’s archive.

Yet, one of its most commendable facets is its commitment to preserving past achievements. Even if a student’s course progress is reset, the sanctity of their earned certificates remains inviolate.

Further refining the user experience is its ability to discern users who already possess archived certificates, thereby skipping them, and ensuring system resources are optimally utilized.

Display All Earned LearnDash Certificates

Despite any course progress resets, the display of certificates remains unchanged, serving as an evergreen testament to a student’s accomplishments.

Moreover, the plugin acts as a bridge, linking the past with the present by adeptly adapting to both the old and new LearnDash certificate builders.

Leverage the Certificate Archive for LearnDash Plugin

In the ever-evolving domain of LearnDash, the Certificate Archive for LearnDash plugin emerges as a quintessential tool, displaying all of a user’s earned LearnDash course and quiz certificates. Its ability to utilize shortcodes with seamless integration capabilities ensures adaptability with both old and new LearnDash certificate builders.

Streamlining the certificate archiving process ensures no accomplishment is overshadowed. Furthermore, its dedication to maintaining the integrity of each certificate lends credibility and authenticity to every learner’s journey.

Certificate Archive for LearnDash Plugin Walkthrough

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